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MSV 2014 Reveal by Red on February 14, 2014 5:10 PM

They're here! They're here! The My Slashy Valentine stories are here!

Congratulations to all our new writers who completed their first swap. We hope that you have enjoyed this swap and that you'll come back for another round! Thanks to all our veteran writers who continue to participate and make this swap a vibrant part of the Tolkien community. Please don't forget to leave feedback for your author! Everyone worked very hard on their stories and are deserving of a few kind words. Also, please check out the other stories in the collection. We've got a lot of great stories!

You can read these stories at the AO3 Collection here:

2014 My Slashy Valentine: The Master List!

Adlanth wrote The Stricken Anvil for Maure
Aglarien wrote Trusting Your Heart for Sarah Rae
Alexcat wrote Eryn Lasgalen for Winterwitch
Angelstar3999 wrote Mine to Hold for Aprilmoon
Aprilmoon wrote Redemption for Deathangelgw
BurningNightingale wrote Like The Sea Over Sand for Zeen
Chaotic Binky wrote The Kiss of Death. for Fadesintothewest
Chloe Amethyst wrote Lay Aside Every Weight for Elladansgirl
Deathangelgw wrote Sleeping Blunder for Mawgy
Elladan's Girl wrote By Invitation Only for Angelstar3999
Elleth wrote Weathering for Rhapsody the Bard
Esteliel wrote Fair Shall The End Be for Linndechir
Fadesintothewest wrote "...All that's best of dark and bright" for Adlanth Iavalir wrote Maiden and Warrior for Unicorns
Idle Leaves wrote Crossings for Minuial Nuwing
IgnobleBard wrote An Amethyst Remembrance for Zhie
Keiliss wrote Water's Edge for Aglarien
Larien wrote always in the twilight and shadow of your heart for Marchwriter
Laurelin wrote By Order Of The King for Ignoblebard
Linndechir wrote Golden light for Urloth
lynndyre wrote Edge of the Wood, Age of the World for Liz
Marchwriter wrote Souls, Hollowed for Nuinzilien
Maure wrote why don't we join the masquerade for Esteliel
Mawgy wrote Home Again for Larien
Minuial Nuwing wrote A Hole in Time for Chaotic Binky
Miri wrote By Surprise for Chloe Amethyst
Nuinzilien wrote On the Courting Habits of Dwarves and Elves for Smaragdbird ParadifeLoft wrote We Catch Sounds in the Dark for Idle Leaves
Phyncke wrote Battle of the Bands - Middle Earth! for Miri
Red Lasbelin wrote Ghosts That We Knew for BurningNightingale
Rhapsody the Bard wrote Ere the Nightingales cry for Solanaceae
Samtyr wrote The Greater Part of Life for Alexcat
Sarah Rae wrote Sharing Starlight for Laurelin
Smaragdbird wrote Absolution for Samtyr
Solanaceae wrote Healing for Keiliss
Unicorns wrote Detritus for Elleth
Urloth wrote Of A Certain Complication of Lady Arwen's Visit to Mirkwood And Of, After Moping For A While, How Tauriel Fixed it. (Though Not On The First Try. And Not Without A Little Help.) for Iavalir
Winterwitch wrote The Wrath of Dragon fire for Phyncke
Zeen wrote Lighter than Vanity for Red Lasbelin
Zhie wrote Hierarchy for Paradifeloft


Liz was unable to continue to participate in the swap and write Lynndyre's request. Deathangelgw stepped up and wrote Lynndyre a pitch hit story, Breaking Down the Veil. Thank you, DA! Happy reading!