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MSV 2015 Archive Open! by Red on February 14, 2015 10:26 PM

They're here! They're here! The My Slashy Valentine stories are here!

Congratulations to all our new writers who completed their first swap. We hope that you have enjoyed this swap and that you'll come back for another round! Thanks to all our veteran writers who continue to participate and make this swap a vibrant part of the Tolkien community. 

Please don't forget to leave feedback for your author! Everyone worked very hard on their stories and are deserving of a few kind words. Also, please check out the other stories in the collection. We've got a lot of great stories!

And now, for your reading enjoyment...


My Slashy Valentine 2015: The Master List!


Aglarien wrote The Greatest Happiness for Aprilmoon
Alexcat wrote All That Had Been Fair for Nuinzilien
Alpha Ori wrote Homeless Wanderer for Ignoblebard
Angelstar3999 wrote Springs Knight Will Come After Winter for Elladan's Girl
Aprilmoon wrote A Thousand Gifts for erviniae
Calima wrote Hísilómë for Fadesintothewest
Catalectic wrote While lights were paling for Taenia
Chloe Amethyst wrote Snow After Fire for Aglarien
daydreambelieversdaughter wrote My dog for Maure
Deathangelgw wrote Unwind for Angelstar3999
Elladan's Girl wrote To Teach A King for Sleepless_Malice
Elleth wrote By the Iris Mere for Solanaceae
Erviniae wrote Just a Little Wine for Zinneth
Fadesintothewest wrote Songs for the Reborn for Daydreambelieversdaughter
IgnobleBard wrote A Little Necromance for Marchwriter
Keiliss wrote The Wheel Turns for Unicorns
Larien wrote your guiding star through the night for Miniual Nuwing
Lotrangel17 wrote Be Near Me for Miri
lynndyre wrote Silver Tree for Winterwitch
Mangacrack wrote a little black spot on the sun for Samtyr
Mangotea wrote Forever Given To The Morning for Red Lasbelin
Marchwriter wrote Against the Rising Tide for Catalectic
Maure wrote and then we almost feel young again for Urloth
Minuial Nuwing wrote A Proper Reunion for Alpha Ori
Miri wrote Summer Nights for Larien
Nicevenn wrote The Greatest Treasure for Mangotea
Nuinzilien wrote The Appearance of Innocence for Nicevenn
Phyncke wrote A King by Any Name for Lynndyre
Red Lasbelin wrote Can't Take My Eyes Off You for Keiliss
Rhapsody the Bard wrote Star-Kissed for Wheelrider
Samtyr wrote Lindir's Song for Phyncke
Sleepless_Malice wrote Beneath the Veil of Night for Deathangelgw
Solanaceae wrote whatever we lose for Calima
Talullah Red wrote And I Would Be the Moon for Rhapsody
Unicorns wrote ni moi sans vous, ni vous sans moi for Talullah Red
Urloth wrote Stay for VanaTuivana
VanaTuivana wrote Echoes for Mangacrack
Winterwitch wrote The King of the Forest for Chloe_Amethyst
Wheelrider wrote Outside History for Elleth
Zinneth wrote Bitter Heart for Lotrangel17


Taenia did not complete her story for Alex, but thankfully our wonderful pitch-hitters stepped in and wrote three stories! Kalypsobean wrote The Last Omen, Miri wrote Only Grief, and Erulisse wrote Those Damned Wood Elves. Be sure to check them out. :)

Happy reading!