Story Notes:

Title: Sunflowers and Laughter

Author: angelstar3999
Beta: (Thank you)
Rating: R-NC-17
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Warning: Slash, fluff
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters they all belong to Tolkien.
Story elements = Dreams, history, a secret
does_not_want = Nothing dark and masochistic please

Summary: Erestor has just returned from his trip to Lothlórien when he quiet latterly bumps into the new Seneschal and Captain of the Guard. With one simple meeting Erestor finds that his life is going change in the most unexpected way possible.


Erestor heaved the heavy stack of papers onto his desk letting out a sigh of relief. Although he was pleased to be back in Imladris surround by familiar items and beloved friends; he was not pleased at the mass of ignored work.


That had landed directly in his lap.


“Master Erestor…”


Looking up Erestor recognized Durel by his vibrant blue eyes and hanging off his arm was his son Melpomaen, who would be three this year.


“I hope that I am not bothering you sir, but this Pen-neth wanted to see you.”


All Durel and Erestor heard in response were the giggles escaping from the small child’s mouth; his hair covering his face.


“Mae Govannen ion-nin and how has your day been so far?” Erestor took Melpomaen from his perch as he tickled the little elfling mercifully.


“Ada, no…” Mel pouted as he clung to Erestor’s robes. “Guess what I did this morning?”


The young elfling smiled broadly at his father as he waited for the elf to address him once again.


Looking up Erestor watch as Durel shook his head, as if to say he did not know what Melpomaen was referring to. He had been forced to drop Melpomaen off with the twins this morning as he had a lot of work to do, but he refused to let Melpomaen miss the morning meal.


“I got to sit next to Glorfy… he is funny.” Melpomaen hands waved with excitement as he explained all the things he did repeating something twice.


“I am pleased you had a good day and did you behave for Durel?”


“Yes Ada, I was very good…”


For some reason Erestor seriously doubted his son words; he knew how curious his child was, but at the same time he was well behaved for one so young. Setting the small child down the Chief Advisor let out another small sigh; it was far too early to be this tired.


“Well then let us go and have our afternoon meal…”


Looking back at the undone work, Erestor could not help but cringe he was starting to believe it would be a very tiring, very long week indeed.


“Durel, can you tell me of this Glorfy my son speaks of?” Erestor turned his attention to his companion as his son ran ahead of them.


“Yes he is the new Captain of the guard, and co- Seneschal to Lord Elrond. Actually his real name is Glorfindel he arrived while you were away visiting Lothlórien. I am sure you will meet him sooner or later.”


“You’re probably right…” Erestor pushed the questions out of his head as he made his way to the Halls of Fire. He wanted to enjoy all the time he had off with his ion-nin and not worry about little matters.

He had been right, everything was utter chaos his first week back.


Erestor was currently sorting the papers that Elrond needed along with some books for their upcoming meeting. He knew that Elrond would have done it himself but he was currently otherwise occupied. Some of the imbecile recruits had been carless during training and were now in the healing wing under Elrond’s watchful eye being treated for their wounds


Before he had left they had started to re-categorize the library and update all the information. It was long and tiring job, but it had to be done with some of the books needing to be rewritten again.


As Erestor looking over the stack of books and scrolls ready to be placed in the first age section he realized he was in the wrong area. Sighing, Erestor shifted the items into his arms as he slowly made his way towards the other side of the library. As he turned the corner he slammed into something solid; as he tumbled backward he felt someone grab him by his shoulders.


Erestor had not realized he had closed his eyes to begin with as he tried to looked at the scattered papers that he was sure surrounded him, as he looked around to find the elf who had bumped into to give him a good earful he was faced with blue eyes and golden hair tangled around him.


Finally realizing he was sprawled out on top of the taller ellon.


As he felt his cheeks flush heavily he made a quick retreat from the ellon as he looked around at the huge mess surrounding them. All his hard work categorizing the letters and books had been ruined. It truly felt as if he wasted the entire afternoon. Sighing he started to pick up the pieces of paper when his hands brushed with another. Looking up he was surprised to see the ellon was still there and had a suitable collection of scrolls, papers and books himself.


“You do not need to help me with this mess it is my fault for not looking where I was going…” Erestor knew he most likely could be compared to tomatoes by now with how hot his face felt.


“No it is equally my fault I was engrossed with writing my latest report. Let me help Erestor…”


Erestor was about to reply when it dawned on him that this ellon who he had never met knew his name, despite this being their first meeting. Looking at the elf in front of him he noticed many factors that he hadn’t before as he tried to put a name to the male in front off him.


“I am sorry I forgot to introduce my self, I am Lord Glorfindel the new captain of the guard. Elrond told me you were the chief advisor here, and that I would be working closely with you. I had the great pleasure of meeting your number one supporter.”


Glorfindel chuckled as Erestor become even more flustered.


It was a good look on him.


“Oh so you’ve met Melpomaen have you?”


“Yes I have, he is a true delight to be around. He reminds me of another little one I knew long ago.” Glorfindel smiled as he followed Erestor through the library, watching as he sorted the papers in his arms placing them into their rightful spots.


“Well it was nice meeting you, Erestor.” Glorfindel straightened up knowing he had dallied a little too long and needed to get back to work.


“And you Glorfindel…” Erestor was not sure why when Glorfindel took his hand that his heart sped up, or why his presence felt familiar as if he had been in his presence before.


“I hope to see you at the evening meal, Erestor…” Glorfindel finished as he took one last look at the chief advisor before hurrying back to his duties.

It had been a long night and finally Erestor was gingerly lowering his ion towards his bed removing the robes and shoes, before he tucked him in. As he made sure there was a little light he quietly wished his son sweet dreams before exiting the room and entering his own.


As he entered his room he was thankful that his blankets were already drawn back as he removed his robes he made his way to his bed; making himself comfortable he finally pulled the sheets up as he let the music of night lull him to sleep.




Looking around he did not know where he was as he ran through a field of sunflowers of many colors. As he looked down he was amazed that his fingers were smaller; about the same size as Melpomaen’s. Stopping he laughed as he spun around, he could not see an end to the sunflowers as they towered over him giving him the perfect hiding placing. Running he could not help but feel alive and giddy.


“Where are you pen-neth, I am going to find you and then when I do I am going to tickle you.” A loud male voice echoed close to his left. As he was about to escape some one from the side pulled him to the side where he fell onto someone’s chest. All he could see was silky hair reminding him of water but also the color of gold. As the elf placed his finger up to his lips to signal to be quiet as he waited for the other ellon to run past them missing them completely.


Erestor nodded his head as he giggled silently as he snuggled up to elf. He did not know why but he felt safe and loved. Closing his eyes he hummed lightly leaning forward, and as soon as the feeling had come it vanished being replaced with dread. Opening his eyes he found he was not with elf anymore and the fields of sunflowers where on fire. He began to run, screaming for help until he felt he could scream no more.


 He kept on making turn after turn. Finally after what seemed like an entire Age he saw a clearing; breaking off into a run he couldn’t help but scream as the flames grew around him, the heat unbearable. All of a sudden a pair of strong hands plucked him into the air before they both crashed onto a rocky ground. Looking back he found himself looking down on the valley engulfed in flames; pivoting sharply he stared at the golden-haired elf before rushing towards him. Disappearing into his robes, sobbing silently.


~End Dream~


Shooting forward, Erestor looked around he could feel the sweat everywhere as his heart tried to leap out of his throat. He could not seem to calm down as he placed his hand on his chest. Looking to the side he noticed that it was already morning and it was time for another day. As rub his hands over his face, Erestor got out of bed as he prepared for another day, before he went ready his ion-nin.

Erestor shifted Melpomaen as he made his was to the Hall of Fire where they were to share their morning meal, before they separated for their daily routine, Melpomaen with his caretaker, and him to work.


“Ada… you all right…” Melpomaen placed both hands on his Ada’s cheeks even at a young age he realized something was not right.


“Yes, Ion-nin… Ada just did not have enough sleep last night.” Erestor did not want to concern ion-nin about a weird dream.


“We’re here Ada…Look…” Melpomaen clapped his hands together.


Erestor opened the door and noticed that his son’s buster seat was already in place next to Lord Elrond today with him on the other side.



“Master Erestor”


“Elladan, Elrohir I see that you to are up to no good already…” Erestor teased his friend’s sons as they protested Durel tittering between them.


“And what is so funny…”


The twins turn on the small ellon between who just continue as he smirked.


“Now if I told you it would take all the fun out of finding out.  How do you fair Erestor?” Durel turned his attention to the chief advisor as he sat next to his son.


“I am doing very well…”


“I am sure that we are all doing well and if we do not have any ‘incidents’ today it will be a better day for all of us.” Elrond paused as he eyed his ions-nin who he knew would cause some chaos at some point that day.


“I am certain it will be a wonderful day…” Erestor replied as he fixed his plate. He finally noticed that Glorfindel was sitting across from him.


“Good day, Erestor…”


Erestor could not help the slight blush that spread across his cheeks or the sudden pounding of his heart.


“Good day, Glorfindel…”


“Good day Glorfy…” Melpomaen laughed not wanting to be left out.


“And a good day to you Pen-neth…” Glorfindel laughed at the excitement and innocence of one so young.


“Erestor I should be stopping by this afternoon to drop off the monthly reports and was hoping to discuss them with you.” Glorfindel took a sip of water as he look at Erestor over his goblet.


“Of course that can be arranged…” Erestor nodded as he zoned out the chatter around while keeping an eye on his son.


As they finished their meal, Erestor and Glorfindel continued to exchange brief words with one another


“Glorfindel when you are done I would like to speak with you in my office if you do not mind.” Elrond spoke up breaking the conversation.


“No not all Lord Elrond…” Glorfindel excused himself as he bid the others good day. “I will see you in the afternoon Erestor.”


“Aye we will…” Erestor smiled as he finished wiping his protesting son’s face when he was approached by Elladan and Elrohir.


“What can I do for you Pen-neths?” Erestor straightened up as he smiled at the two.


“We were thinking since it is such a beautiful that we could watch Mel today and talk him to the fish pond maybe have a picnic later if that is acceptable.” Elladan spoke up as he watched his old mentor.


“I am sure that will be acceptable and I am sure Melpomaen would enjoy that. Thank you pen-neths. If there is any trouble just come and get me you know where I will be.” Erestor lifted his son up.


“Just follow me I left Melpomaen day pack in our rooms I will add some extra clothes for him to get messy in.” Erestor laughed at the twin expression.


“Hannon le, Erestor…” Elrohir smiled as he followed Erestor through the halls.

Erestor stared at the scroll with his quill in his hand; it had been weeks and each day his dreams seemed to become more gruesome; it was at a point where he was losing sleep. He did not want to bother anyone with them, but if they did not stop soon he was sure he was going collapse from exhaustion.


“Erestor, Mellon-nin how are you faring?” 


Looking up, Erestor noticed Elrond standing at his desk, Erestor hadn’t seen or even heard the other elf enter the room.


“I am well Elrond, just a little tired…”


“Maybe you should take the day off then, Erestor I do not want you collapsing on me.”


Elrond helped his friend out of his chair, he was not taking no for an answer being too worried about Erestor’s health. He had noticed the change in his friend over the past couple of weeks, and his minimal protest was all the proof he needed. Something was very wrong with Erestor.

“I will get you for the evening meal, but until then get some sleep. You will be no help to anyone if your exhausted mellon-nin and that includes yourself.”


Elrond led his quiet friend back to his rooms making sure he was situated in bed before pulling up a chair at his side.


“I am your friend let me help you…” Elrond watched as Erestor fell asleep instantly, before he left. It would not hurt if Erestor took a couple of days off to relax and spend time with his son.


Walking back to his office, Elrond entered he did not notice Glorfindel until he was standing right in front of him.


“My lord, are you well?”


“I am well Glorfindel and once again it is Elrond.” Elrond remarked as he sat down ushering Glorfindel to do the same.


“What is on your mind, Elrond you looked deep in thought when you entered...”


Glorfindel hoped he had not over-stepped his bonds as he watched Elrond from across his desk.


“I was… Let me ask you a question Glorfindel.” Elrond paused not wanting to share certain things about his friend.


“Of course Elrond, is there something wrong?.”


“How close are you to Erestor?” Elrond waited for his Seneschal, captain and friend to answer he knew this might be personal, but he needed to be sure before speaking of his concerns, getting up he closed and locked the doors before returning to his seat.

“Erestor is very important to me; he has been my friend since before I can remember… Elrond. I do not think you know how old Erestor is Elrond.” Glorfindel paused as he remembered the sunflowers and laughter that was so long ago. “I have known Erestor, before you pointed him out. It was not hard to find the familiar dark hair and eyes. It is impossible even in death to forget them. Did you know that Erestor is a survivor of Gondolin and in fact was one of lord’s youngest sons.” Elrond’s eyes slightly widen at that news, Erestor had never told him that, although he new was an orphan when they had met. He supposed that is what they had bonded over it was similar backgrounds and of having to survive and take of their self without other’s help. “I am certain you did not know about this, but then again it is possible that Erestor barely remembers these times. He was very young the last time I saw him, a little older then Melpomaen is now.” Glorfindel smiled at the old memories resurfaced, but now they were joined with new memories of a new elfling, and handsome ellon who he could see himself spend the end of times with. “I can see why he is special to you.” Elrond smiled as he leaned again his hand placing his goblet on the side table. “It is not only that, but it is more now. When I saw him I was overcome by old memories from a life that seems so distant and foreign now, but I am also overcome with new emotions and above all else I want to explore them tell I can honestly say that they are more then just a passing.” “Mmmm well this is new information I was not expecting.” “I am quiet sure that is not what you expected, but it best not to beat around the bush… now will you what is bothering.” Glorfindel took a sip of his drink. “Yes I guess it is best to be straight forward about what is on my mind. It is Erestor.”  Elrond paused as thought of how to say what he wanted with out blowing it out of proportion. “What ails him?” Glorfindel could help but feel concern swell up inside him he had noticed the shadows and weariness appear over the last couple weeks and it had caused him to be worried about his health. “Ah, so I see that you have noticed the problems that have been swirling around our favorite Chief Advisor.” Elrond smiled this would be much easier then he thought. “I believe that that something is troubling him, and since the two of you have been getting closer over the time I was hoping you might be able to help him.” “I will see what I can do…If that is all Elrond I will take my leave.” Glorfindel nodded as Elrond got up and unlocked the door.

“Thank you, I am worried about him… I know he does not want to scare anyone, but he is scaring me with his declining health.” Elrond smiled as waved good day to Glorfindel.

Glorfindel had checked Erestor’s living quarters, at the sight of the missing elf he went checking else where. On his way to the gardens he had over heard some of maids speak about seeing Erestor wander into one of the more secluded gardens.


“Where are you Erestor?” Glorfindel muttered as he covered his head when the first few rain drops start fall him. As he was about to give up he noticed a small entrance that’s path was lit up ahead of him; it was a beautiful built canopy made of white stone which had lanterns lighting the inside. As he got closer he notice who he had been looking for the last hour or so fast asleep on top of blanket.


As he got to the canopy he entered and just in time as the skies opened and released a sheet of rain so thick, Glorfindel wouldn’t see the gardens around them.


Leaning over he smiled this reminded him of the summer back in Gondolin where everything was peaceful during the summer rainstorm. He had to admit that Erestor had found the perfect hiding spot he would not have noticed the entrance if not for the slights coming out of the area.


“Hello my dear Lirimaer, I see you have found a new secret place.” Glorfindel smiled as he laid down, soon he found himself joining Erestor in land of dreams.

Erestor blinked as he looked around the rain was drizzling around him and as he tried to move he found that an arm was draped around his middle and he was firmly to a firm chest. Blinking, Erestor shifted as silky golden strands of hair that were defiantly not his own hanging over his shoulder. He so desired to touch them, and as he relaxed he felt his friend who he knew without a doubt was Glorfindel shift as well.


“Mae Govannen, Lirimaer” Glorfindel shifted as he released Erestor from his hold. He could get use to waking up with Erestor in his arms.


As Glorfindel stretched his arms while returning to a sitting position, glancing around he came to the conclusion that it was much later at the sight of the lit lanterns.


“Why did you seek me out?” Erestor was curious although he felt much more refreshed the dreams had not plagued him while he slept.


“I wish to speak to you. I worry for you Lirimaer, as do others around you. They can tell you are not getting enough sleep.” Glorfindel ran a hand through Erestor’s ebony strands marveled at the softness much like a kitten’s fur.


“I am sorry for worrying you and the others it is just these pesky dreams.” Erestor did not understand why he could trust Glorfindel so well after only knowing him for a few weeks.


“It is not something you should feel the need to apologize for.” Glorfindel pulled him close as he listened to his Erestor tell him of the terrors that plague his dreams every evening. Of how he would run but it didn’t matter that the scream would not leave him.


“And that is how it ends.” Erestor finished his story feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted from him. Looking up into Glorfindel eyes he smiled he always felt safe in his arms.


“Erestor, these might messages that your mind if sending you.”  Glorfindel felt it sounded foolish, but he could just out and say. ‘Erestor these are memories you were seeing of your home along with your ada and gwador burning to death.’ But that would not be wise.


“Yes, but I wonder what it is trying to tell me or if it is a memory from my own childhood.” Erestor leaned against Glorfindel.


“Whatever it is we will get through this together… this I promise you Erestor.” Glorfindel just held him close feeling happy as he watched the rain.

“Erestor how are you this evening…” Glorfindel patted a pajama clad Melpomaen on the head as he place the late evening snack on the table.


Over the last couple of weeks they had grown even closer and he had finally gotten the courage to tell Erestor his feelings for him, and of his desires of family. He thanked the Valar when Erestor stopped giving him a kiss before extending him an invitation to his rooms. That was the start of a beautiful relationship which grew to include Melpomaen who much like a son to him.


“Glorfy what you bring…?” Mel ran and hugged his legs before letting go.


“I brought bed time snacks, Pen-neths…”  Glorfindel laughed as Melpomaen pouted.


“Now, now ion-nin it is time for bed. I told you could stay up for dessert and then it is bed for you.” Erestor appeared a smile on his face. Gone were his formal robes, and in their place were a matching tunic and pants. “I am sorry to keep you waiting.”

“I would wait for the ends of the earth for you Lirimaer.” Glorfindel placed a chaste kiss on Erestor lips. “It seems we will have a lot more to discuss later on…” Erestor murmured as he pulled away. As they sat down Erestor produced some plates with a small cup of warm milk for Melpomaen.  Glorfindel and he would have some wine as they enjoyed their dessert as Mel chattered yawning more frequently. “I think it is time for us to put some to S-L-E-E-P.” Glorfindel whispered to Erestor who nodded his head. “Let me it has been a long time since I have been able to put someone this little to bed.” “Of course…” Erestor kissed his son, and then leaned up capturing Glorfindel’s lips in a slow kiss, before breaking it. “Don’t keep me waiting…” As Glorfindel entered Melpomaen’s room he smiled it truly was a child room with toys scattered across the floor. It was such a sweet scene as he walked over to Melpomaen bed he placed him down pulling a blanket over the little who looked knocked out. “Story?” Melpomaen’s groggy voice broke through the silence. “Of course little one, how about I tell about Gondolin and its splendor. Now this is when I was very young a long time before Imladris and even Elrond were born.” Glorfindel could not help but chuckle at the surprised look on Mel’s face making his eye look much bigger than they were. He started the story telling him of all the lords and the different houses as he got to his house and Erestor he paused as he smiled at the memory that flashed in his mind. “There was a little elfling much like you, pen-neth. He was smart, but was from a different house than I, but it did not matter as we were all friends in the valley treasuring our youngest relatives above everything including gold. He was smart, but a very curious, mischievous child that would get into all sorts of trouble.” As Glorfindel continued the story he did not see Erestor leaning again the door frame listening to him. He paused as he notice Melpomaen was fast asleep. Getting up, Glorfindel tucked him before placing a kiss on his brow. “Sleep well pen-neth and may your dreams guide you on a spectacular adventure that you could never imagine.” “That was a lovely story, Glorfindel.” Erestor came over to him as he looked down on his son so small and precious. “Thank you, I did not hear you come in;  I believe I am slipping up.” Glorfindel half joked as he turned to Erestor embracing him in a hug. “Either that or I am getting better at sneaking up on you.” Erestor teased as he returned the hug full heartedly enjoying the warmth. “Come let us let this one sleep. I have many things I want to talk with you about.” Glorfindel eyes sparkled with mirth and Erestor knew that it would be a long night.

Time seemed to fly by and no sooner than Glorfindel blinked was it Fall. It was such a beautiful time of the year where the tree turned every color imaginable. He had kept his promise of going slow with Erestor, but lately it seemed to wearing thin on both of them. On the other hand they were now getting ready to move into bigger quarters in the family area. Today was a sort of anniversary for Glorfindel and Erestor so the Captain had asked Elrond if he would watch Melpomaen for the night so that he could spend it alone with Erestor. As he entered his room he got a beautiful view of Erestor backside which was only covered in a towel. Silently moving across the room Glorfindel smiled as he wrapped his arms around his lover’s waist. “Where is Melpomaen?” Erestor smiled softly as Glorfindel placed kisses on the side of his neck nibbling at it every now and then. “He is with Elrond for the night Meleth-nin, I hope you do not mind I wanted to have some alone time with you.” Glorfindel turned Erestor slowly so he was spooning up to him. “No I do not mind after all today is a very important day it is the day you came to Imladris. I was hoping to give you a special treat.” Erestor trailed his nails up Glorfindel’s clothed chest.  “Come one let me help you become comfortable…” Erestor removed Glorfindel’s tunic as he kissed him where ever he could find open skin. “Hmmm…” Glorfindel felt his mind shift into daze as he was led into their room which was aglow with several candles. He watched with rapt attention as Erestor removed his towel that covered him before lying across their bed. Naked for all to see and it was all his.

“I do not share Lirimaer, if we continue you will be mine, and mine alone.” Glorfindel purred before he claimed Erestor lips in a dominating kiss enjoying the sweet freshness that was purely Erestor.

Pulling back Glorfindel smirked as he pulled Erestor to his chest causing him to gasp loudly. This is what he wanted, Erestor ready and wanting. He made sure Erestor was comfortable as he searched for a way to ease his way into his lover without causing him too much pain. “On the night stand…” Erestor pointed out the liquid next to Glorfindel’s head as he slowly took Glorfindel’s pants off and stripped him bare. “Mmm….” Erestor ran his hands down Glorfindel’s thighs as he kissed the golden skin over his belly button making his way upwards and until he reach the most tempting lips he had ever come across. Quickly he took a hold of them as he asked for entrance as he hummed. He was so consumed by the heated kiss that he gasped as Glorfindel breached him with two fingers. As he gasped he broke away his skin felt flushed as he leaned into Glorfindel’s neck as he panted. It burned, but it felt so very good. “That’s it Meleth nin… relax and enjoy yourself.” Glorfindel smirked as he added another finger when Erestor started to push back. He could not wait much longer as he slicked himself making sure Erestor was thoroughly prepared for him. “Please no more teasing…” Erestor gasped as something was brushed inside of him causing stars to explode before his eyes. “Are you ready darling…?” Glorfindel pulled out he chuckled at the whimper that escaped Erestor’s lips as he aligned himself with Erestor opening. He slowly eased himself in his teeth grinding at the tightness. He promised to make this experience memorable and rushing it would not work. “Faster…” Erestor ground out as he shifted slightly trying to take more of Glorfindel in. He could feel inch by inch slid in until he was fully seated inside of him. He could not help but stop as he enjoyed the feeling of being completely joined and the feeling of being someone loved. “Meleth… I cannot hold back…” Glorfindel was sweating he was surrounded by a tightness that he never thought he would experience and as Erestor squirmed and bucked he nearly lost his concentration. “Move…” Erestor ground out. Glorfindel did not want to disappoint Erestor as he started moving making sure hit that special part that was inside of Erestor. Glorfindel flipped them over so Erestor was on his back and he loomed over him he gave an extra hard thrust as he started moving in sync with Erestor meeting each thrust. He could not last long and as he reached between their bodies he grabbed a hold of Erestor and started to stroke him with each thrust. Glorfindel groaned as he felt Erestor walls tighten around and with one more thrust he brought his sweet Meleth over the edge causing the tightness to become unbearable as he came soon after Erestor. Slumping back, Erestor hmmed as he enjoyed the weight of Glorfindel’s body the only sound was Glorfindel and his breathing. “That was pleasant…” Erestor hummed as Glorfindel placed gentle kiss all over his face. “If you think we are done, my heart then you are sadly mistaken.” Glorfindel eyes took in his Erestor’s flushed skin with a smirk. Shuddering at the look Glorfindel was giving him; Erestor could not help but moan; yes it was going to be a long night.
It was now the end of spring again and soon it would be Melpomaen’s fourth birthday; at the moment, Glorfindel and Erestor were to meet their son out in the gardens where Elrond and his sons were enjoying a picnic. “Ada your here, you’re here” Erestor watched as son did a circle around them before Glorfindel scooped him up with his free arm. Looking at the twins they quickly hid some cookies behind their back giving him an innocent look. “He was exceptionally good today.” Elrond intervened before his children met their demise.  “I am sure he was… now let us have lunch…” Glorfindel helped Erestor to a empty spot on the blanket before placing Melpomaen between them. “Glorfindel…” Elladan started as he looked at the joined hands. “Are those engagement rings on Erestor and your hands?” Elrohir finished for his brother as they shared a grin. “Why yes Pen-neth they are.”  Erestor leaned in as he flashed his new engagement ring, while he watch his son and soon to be husband interacting. Yes life was truly good and he would never change anything about it.

Chapter End Notes:

Durel: An Oc who is close to Erestor, and the twins

Lirimaer-lovely one

Ion-nin- my son

Mellon nin-My friend

Ada- son


Pen-neth-little one

Meleth-nin: My love

Mae Govannen- Well met