Never Fall Away by Ingrid44
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Author's Chapter Notes:

A shout out to the creators of Wikipedia. The Bio of Elrond as related in said source proved invaluable - especially in the Prologue.

After Morgoth was defeated some Noldor artisans and smiths elected to remain in Middle Earth. They settled in the foothills of the southern ranges in the Misty Mountains and founded the realm Eregion. There they became friends with the dwarves working in the mines of Moria, further south of the Elven settlement. Sharing a deep thirst to expand their knowledge of and working with minerals and gems a friendship developed between the two races. The elves even built a roadway to accommodate the growing traffic between the cities of Eregion and Khazad-dûm. Another relationship also developed; that of the elves and one Sauron, a Maier of considerable knowledge. Under his guidance, the two races produced work that surpassed anything previously created with the exception of the three Silmaril jewels. Accepting Sauron’s further counsel the smiths of Ost-in-Edhil were persuaded to create Rings of Power. Seven rings were crafted for the Dwarves, nine rings for Men, and three rings were for the Elves. Celebrimbor the master smith in Eregion in fact gave Durin of Moria the seven rings designed for the dwarves. Unbeknown to the elves working in utter secrecy Sauron forged his own ring, a ruling ring to control all the others. Discovering the dominance of the One Ring and Sauron’s deceit, the elves of Eregion removed their rings and hid them away. Angry at his failure of gaining control over the elves Sauron descended on Eregion in open war.
The High King of the Noldor had settled in Lindon by the Gulf of Lhûn. When news of the war reached Gil-galad he sent his lieutenant Elrond the half elven with an army to rescue the beleaguered Noldorins. As rapidly as elves travel it still took some time for the army to cross Eriador to the Misty Mountains and on arrival they found the elves of Eregion in dire straits. Joining his reinforcements with the Noldor army led by Celeborn Elrond in his inexperience allowed the forces to become encircled. Fortunately an army of dwarves led by Durin and smiths led by Amroth attacked Sauron’s forces from the rear allowing the elven army to escape. Retreating northwards they found refuge in a high valley with the mountains at their back and a command of the approach below. In retaliation Sauron destroyed Eregion, drove the dwarves back to Moria where the doors were forever shut and ordered Celebrimbor slain. Before his death Celebrimbor had delivered the three elven rings to Elrond for safekeeping.

In council the High King Gil-galad appointed Elrond vice-regent of the refuge now named Imladris and entrusted him with Vilya, the Ring of Air, and the mightiest of the three elven rings. Imladris was to be fortified and made a permanent stronghold against Sauron in East Eriador. Over time Elrond became a great healer but he remained haunted by his failure at Eregion.
Hands clasped behind his back he paced; six steps from side to side across the opening of his tent. If anyone was near enough to listen they would have heard one word, repeated over and over. More than a word it was a name uttered as if a prayer: Eonwë. It seemed he was calling on the greatest warrior in all Arda, the banner-bearer and herald of Manwë. He glanced up looking out over the field; fires burned low and only sentries appeared to be awake. He seemed to be the only one of the leaders astir; too agitated to sleep. In fact he was recalling once again the battle at Eregion and the defeat his army suffered. He was in truth no longer that same Elf inexperienced in warfare. He had traveled from Imladris with the High King, fought in the Battle of Dagorland and helped hold the enemy forces in check during this long siege. The Ring of Power never left him but it was worn on a chain around his neck. Would it make any difference to tomorrow’s battle? He thought not; none of the three rings could be worn while Sauron retained the One Ruling Ring. He suspected through his developing foresight that tomorrow would see the climax of their siege of Barad-dûr.

“You called youngling?” The voice came from behind him.
He came, he came. He’s here! He thought exultanly.
He spun around, relief clear on his face. “Thank Valar, you came; you’re here. I need you tonight, more than ever; I need your guidance and your counsel. I believe tomorrow could well be a decisive engagement; it may even determine the outcome of this war but I fear it will be a costly one.” He was determined to keep the conversation formal; after all it had been years since he’d seen his erstwhile lover.
“Elrond, youngling of course I came. After all you did call. And by the way it’s good to see you too. Shall we go inside and discuss these, ahem, ah fears of yours?”
Entering the tent with Eonwë, Elrond quickly glanced around; good, nothing had been disturbed. No Orcs had broken through the lines, no spies had disturbed his papers; the threads and feathers were scattered on table and camp bed just as he had carefully placed them.

“Elrond what are you looking for?”
“Just checking no one was here while I was outside, that’s all,” he answered, giving once last glance around the tent before turning to his uncommon lover. “Now let me show you the plans for tomorrow.”
“Elrond it’s not necessary; I’ve already discussed everything privately with Ereinion Gil-galad a short while ago. But if it will ease your fears, we can go over them. However may I mention a key strategic element to these plans which perhaps you might have disregarded, or underestimated? The presence of Men. And it appears not all the men promised from the South have turned up as yet. Isildur had summoned some forces from a mountain area south of Gondor, Erech I believe and they are late. Their King swore an oath to him and he looks for them to appear sometime tomorrow. So you see until these additional forces arrive there will be no climatic battle; at least not tomorrow. Please will you seat down?
You are just as tense and apprehensive as when I first met you. Do you recall when I rescued you and your brother from Maglor and Maedhros? Even at that young age I knew you would grow to be someone special; special to Middle Earth and special to me. Do you ever regret your choice? After all, both of you were still so young, not even one hundred years old. And your decision ultimately separated you from your brother. I’ve hesitated to ask before, but as you say the next battle might be a costly one. Elrond, will you stop your pacing and please, sit down!”
All the while Eonwë was speaking he had been pacing in the confined space. None of the words he had heard spoken so far had eased his foreboding.

“I don’t know if I can Eonwë. Something is going to go wrong, very wrong. I just know it and I can’t think of how to prevent it,” he cried in frustration totally ignoring the Maier’s question.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen and you’re upset because you can’t stop it? Elrond are you crazy? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I know Eru has recently gifted you with foreseeing but you are still just learning how to use it. It takes time youngling. Events seen far into the future are not set in stone; they are subject to any number of changes. What you see are possibilities, probable futures. Even events that seem to be more immediate are still uncertain, subject to the random actions of those involved. You must learn not to let the farseeing be the arbitrator of your decisions. It’s a gift yes but one not meant to dictate your every move. It’s only a tool to give you a hint of a possible future, a probable outcome of events.
War is costly and there will be lives lost. No one here is under any illusion that every man and Elf will be going home when it’s all over. It is the sacrifice required to stop Sauron and everyone here has willingly pledged their life to that end. To say you are upset because you cannot stop some nebulous event? I find that extremely presumptuous of you; do not make the same mistake as Melkor. Remember in his overweening pride he believed he knew more than anyone. Be very careful young Elrond.
Why are we even talking about this anyway? I came tonight to be with you, to help you, not lecture you. It’s been a long time since we’ve been together.”
With that Eonwë pushed the Elf onto the camp stool and started to massage his neck and shoulders. “By Arda, how tense you are!” he exclaimed, flexing his fingers to knead Elrond’s muscles even deeper. “Tell me if I’m hurting you.”

“No, no that’s good. I didn’t realize it but I actually ache. Ooh, yeah there, right there; yes, oh yes” he groaned, hanging his head to give greater access to the pressing hands. The intervening years seemed to fall away with each stroke of the kneading fingers.
Eonwë continued to massage his neck, shoulders and back all the while listening to the soft moans coming from the young half elven. Maybe tonight he could win back the Elf, he thought. It had been so long, and he had desperately missed Elrond. He mustn’t lose control tonight.

Eventually feeling Elrond relaxing beneath his fingers Eonwë gently smoothed the tunic off the Elf’s shoulders. Braving rejection he bent down murmuring, “It’s been so long, I need to see if you taste the same,” and hungrily licked the smooth silky skin. Elrond momentarily tensed and then relaxed, silently acquiescing to the warrior’s touch. Thus encouraged the Maier continued; licking graduated to nipping at an earlobe then licking away the pain, before moving on to chin and cheeks.

“It’s been a long time for me too,” he whispered. “Why? Why have you stayed away all this time? It’s not been easy for me, needing you and not being able to even see you, talk to you.” His hand reached up and pulled Eonwë’s face close, pressing his lips hard against the Maier’s.

“You asked earlier if I had any regrets choosing to stay with the Firstborn,” he continued. “No, no regrets about my decision only that of my brother. He was my twin Eonwë, my only brother and he is dead these three thousand years! I have no more kin in Middle Earth. Oh he had children, grandchildren even but they also are long gone. This Elendil and his sons claim Elros as the father of their line, but too much time has passed. His blood in their veins is so diluted, if in fact any even remains that it is impossible for me to accept their kinship,” he softly confided. “Oh, I have needed you so much.” His hand reached up to caress the warrior’s cheek, tilting his head giving more room to the lips nibbling along his jawline.

While Elrond had been talking the Maier’s hands had continued their quest. Tunic laces were loosened; hands rubbed the hairless chest then pulled on nipples. Elrond moaned again, feeling his strength draining away only to pool in his cock. Impatiently he stood up, pulled off the tunic and swung around to face Eonwë, wrapping his arms around the Maier and pulling him close. “I need you,” he murmured, “now.”

“Patience youngling,” was the response. “First things first and we have all night.”
Holding the Elf’s face between his hands the Maier gently kissed his lips. It was unhurried, a lazy kiss; just lips pressing against each other. He was determined to savor each touch and taste of the Elf; to extend each pleasurable sensation as long as possible, locking away his own mounting hunger. His tongue stroked Elrond’s lips, licked both top and bottom before slipping into the waiting open mouth. One hand slipped down his former lover’s body to pull Elrond even closer while his other hand threaded through the dark locks. Elrond felt his head held in a viselike grip, holding him clamped to the Maier while his mouth was slowing but thoroughly explored.
Eonwë felt Elrond’s legs start to buckle and swung them both onto the canvas camp bed, magically strengthening it to accommodate their combined weight. Working quickly the Maier removed the remainder of the Elf’s clothes.

‘You’re still dressed,” he complained. “Let me help you.”
“Not yet. I want to enjoy you first,” Eonwë murmured, hands exploring the firm muscular body lying beneath him. He sat up, straddling the camp bed to better caress chest, waist and hips.

Elrond squirmed on the cot, the rough canvas as arousing as the warrior’s hands on his body. Only Eonwë was ignoring the one point on his body most desirous of attention: his cock. With an impatient complaint his hand reached out to stroke himself only to have it slapped away.

“Oh no you don’t. I’ll take care of that,” the quiet voice insisted. A warm hand suddenly cradled his cock; slowly, sensually, steadily pulling and stroking it. Eonwë bent forward placing kisses on eyes, cheeks, and chin before finally meeting the lips waiting for him.

It was a hot, hard, and hungry kiss. The Elf found himself answering that hunger with an eagerness which clearly indicated his mounting passion.  His arms wrapped around the Maier an attempt to pull him down to his own body. The warrior easily resisted the pull, instead breaking away to press feverish kisses to elven shoulders, collarbone,  chest and nipples. Taking a nub into his mouth the Maier bit it, bit it hard enough to force a cry from the Elf.
“Argh,” Elrond groaned, arching his back off the bed against the unexpected pain. “Ouch, that hurt,” he complained, his hand rubbing his stinging chest.
“I hurt you! I didn’t mean….. I hurt you! I’m sorry, so sorry. Are you alright? Let me…”
“No, no it’s alright,” Elrond interrupted. “I just wasn’t expecting, I mean, it’s been a…..” he broke off, embarrassed by his reaction. “It took me by surprise that’s all.”
“I’m sorry; it won’t happen again. I wasn’t thinking. My emotions just got away from me but I promise I’ll be more careful. I’ll pay closer attention, keep myself in check,” Eonwë vowed.

“No,” shouted Elrond, the sound of his protest loud in the quiet night.
“Shh, hush, not so loud! We don’t want to disturb your neighbors. Quiet, youngling.”
“Sorry but I don’t want you to, to, ah,” the Elf blushed, unable to say the words.
“To what? You don’t want me to do what?” Eonwë softy teased. “To not bite you again? To not be more careful? To not keep myself in check? Which do you not want?”

Resting his head on the Maier’s shoulders Elrond sighed and whispered, “You know very well. Don’t tease me like this please.”
“Forgive me, I couldn’t resist. But I do need to pay more attention, to be more careful of you. I could hurt you again without meaning to.”
“Yes of course you might. It all goes back to your staying away for so long doesn’t it? You’ve forgotten how to control your strength around me. Why Eonwë? What happened? Did you tire of me or meet someone else?” he questioned.

The Maier was silent for so long that the Elf raised his head to look directly into his face. “Tell me,” he whispered, “please just say it.”
Sighing, the Maier started speaking in a quiet resigned voice. “I came by Imladris to see you and discovered you and the golden one walking together along a pathway. You seemed deeply involved and I did not wish to intrude. It was obvious to me that you had finally found a companion. There was no way I was going to interfere with your relationship and so I’ve stayed away. You’ve never called out to me, not once in all these years. How could I then come to you? Was I wrong?”
“Oh love, love,” Elrond whispered, cradling the Maier in his arms. “If only you had stayed; called out to me; make your presence known. The ‘golden one’ is Glorfindel. The High King sent him to Imladris and he has become my good friend Eonwë, and a trusted advisor. He is an Elf-lord with great skill and courage in battle but more he has great wisdom. I value his counsel and friendship, but no more than that.

Friendship only Eonwë, that’s all there has ever been between us. And that’s why you stayed away? A brief glimpse of us walking and talking together? I thought you trusted me. Why didn’t you return later and just ask me about it? Oh love, how could you believe I had betrayed you with another? After all our time together? But then you came tonight,” he asked puzzled. “Why?”

“Because you called out to me. This is the first time that you’ve ever done so. How could I ignore it when it was obvious you needed me? Besides…”
“Yes? Besides?” He asked kissing the Maier’s brow.
“Besides I hoped and prayed you might actually want me again. I’ve missed you even though I told myself to be happy for you, that you had the daily companionship you needed. I knew that one day I would lose you so it wasn’t totally unexpected but there was no way I was going to return to hear you utter the words. Tell me I was no longer wanted. I didn’t want to hear you actually say them. Do you understand? I have faced many things, but that was something I just couldn’t. Forgive my cowardice? I’ve caused us both years of separation and needless pain. Can you forgive me?”
Taking Eonwë’s face between his hands, he whispered ‘Only if you show me how much you still love me,” and then kissed him. It was lewd, lustful, demanding a response.

Quickly taking advantage of his distraction the Elf rapidly removed the Maier’s clothes. Sinking back onto the camp bed he pulled him down and teased, “Now where were we before you bit me?”
Turning on his side the Maier once again took hold of the Elf’s cock and began fondling it. This time he quickly increased the pace of his tugging, his thumb rubbing the head till some pre-cum started seeping. Returning to Elrond’s chest, he bent his head to kiss the nipple he had bitten. “There, this will make it better,” he murmured. His tongue flicked out and he sucked on the nub. Opening his mouth wide he tried to take in even more of the Elf’s breast while his free hand caressed the other.
The Elf whimpered; the dual assaults on his body left him breathless, panting as need shivered through him. “Harder,” he pleaded, “harder.”
Sliding off the camp bed onto his knees, the Maier left the breast to greedily kiss and tongue the other. “Can’t neglect this one,” he mumbled in a low undertone. He continued exploring the Elf, re-familiarizing himself with his one-time lover’s body. Raining kisses all over the body he worked his way down to the hips. All the while his other hand was still rubbing and jerking Elrond’s cock.
Murmuring ‘mine, mine, you’re mine,” he swooped down and with long strokes, ran his tongue around the turgid flesh.  He licked along its entire length before taking the cock into his mouth.
“Ahh,” gasped Elrond, bucking his hips off the cot as tremors coursed through his body, hands clasping the sides of the camp bed. He jerked and twisted over and over lost to the burning twirls of the warrior's tongue.  Eventually he began thrusting deep in the Maier’s mouth till steel fingers clamped onto his hips holding him still. Eonwë fed on the seeping pre-cum, sucking more of his cock deeper, ever deeper down his throat.

“Stop, I can’t..…. I can’t hold it….. Aagh” he cried, unable to control his release, feeling the hot cum shoot down the Maier’s throat while spasms racked his body. The intense release caused everything to momentarily go white behind his closed eyes. Moments later his hand went to his heaving chest as he fought for breath.
Eonwë finally released him, licking the last drops of cum from his cock. The steel fingers relaxed, allowing his body to fall back to the cot.

Holding out his arms he whispered, “come here, you need ….”
Shaking his head Eonwë answered, “No, I’m fine. Tonight all I need is you. Tomorrow night I’ll relax and let you do all the work,” he joked denying his own raging hunger. “Call it my atonement,” he mocked.

Lying back down on the cot he gathered the Elf in his arms and in a low voice said, “Tell me about your vision.”
Elrond settled his head on the Maier’s shoulder, sighed and said, “It’s not really all that much. There were three of us, Cirdan and another whom I couldn’t identify. We were in some sort of cave or cavern, standing on a wide ledge and it was incredibly hot; scorching. One of us said something like ‘throw it in’ or ‘throw it down’. There are loud rumbling, gurgling sounds which sort of drowned out the words. I do know we were incredibly filthy, very tired and desperate, and wearing armour. And there was a sense of loss, a loss all three of us felt.
Eonwë I don’t know what it means, but that sense of loss and despair – that’s why I fear the most. Any suggestions? Any idea what it means? Can you interpret the vision? Please tell me you can,” he pleaded.

“Sorry youngling, I’ve got neither the gift of foresight nor the gift of interpretation.” With a warrior’s insight he pointed out, “obviously there’s been a battle since you’re all in armour. Well Amon Amarth, the Mountain of Fire is not that far away from Sauron’s keep and since we are here at Barad-dûr, could that be where you were? But as to why you might be there, or what you were doing, that I can’t even begin to guess. As to the sense of loss and despair you mentioned, again it’s after a battle; most likely a decisive engagement. You could be mourning the loss of friends and companions. Is Glorfindel here in camp? Does Cirdan know him?

Since you don’t know who the third person is, there is no way of knowing his loss. And we don’t know if it’s one loss affecting the three of you. Are you wearing the armour you have here or is it a different set?” asked the greatest warrior in Arda.
“Hmm, I hadn’t really noticed but it’s the set I have here. Is that why I subconsciously assumed it to be an immediate event? I hadn’t even thought of any of the questions you just raised. Oh Eru, it’s clear I’ve still much to learn about foreseeing. But I am still worried Eonwë. You’re probably correct about it occurring after a battle; but was it a winning battle? And which side is victorious? I still remember that battle at Eregion when Sauron trapped my forces,” he hesitatingly admitted.

“Hush love, I’ve told you over and over it wasn’t your fault. Gil-galad underestimated Sauron and it was your first battle. You were inexperienced and the High King has since learnt that Sauron was a disciple of Morgoth. He has probably forgotten more about warfare than you’ll ever have occasion to learn. Besides you are healer, not a warrior. It was over two thousand years ago and you cannot let it continue to haunt you. Suppose you were ever in a similar situation, your judgment could be totally skewed because of your inability to put it behind you. You need a clear head to be objective otherwise lives could be lost. No youngling let it go. A wise leader cannot dwell on old decisions, good or bad. Trust me, I speak from experience.”
Eonwë had been rubbing the elf’s arms and shoulder while they were talking; he reached over and gently kissed the Elf on his brow. “Any more questions about the vision?” he murmured. “Because I still have other plans for tonight, other designs on your body,” was the roguish confession.

Hands ghosted down the elf’s body, to caress his bottom. Fingers squeezed ass cheeks before pushing between them to caress balls and cock. Fingering the balls, the warrior rolled them gently in his palm, a long finger stretching out to rub the foreskin.
Inhaling sharply Elrond eased his legs apart, allowing the Maier greater room. He felt a finger creep to his asshole then in a circular motion, rub it several times before pushing inside him. The pain caused him to automatically clench his muscles around the finger.
“Are you alright?” the concerned voice asked.
“Sorry. It’s been…..I’m not used….. Yes, I’m okay, just give me a minute,” he panted.
Drawing a deep breath he forced himself to relax, aware his muscles had clamped down tightly on the Maier’s finger. A few moments later he felt the finger move, gently push further inside only to partially withdraw then push in again. He felt himself stretching, adjusting to the presence as the motion was repeated several times. Then a second finger joined the first and again his muscles clenched as he hissed. This time the fingers made scissoring movements, further stretching his hole. When the third finger entered him he went rigid, hands closing tight on the warrior’s arms.
“No,” he whined, “I can’t. “To many.”
“Easy now, give it time love, give it time. Breathe deep and try to relax. See I’m not moving. I won’t till you tell me its okay,” he promised. Meanwhile he still had his three fingers in the elf. “Alright now?” Easing over to face the elf Eonwë said, “Here, put your leg over my hip; that’ll help ease the discomfert. Let me guess; there’s been no one else in all these years. Am I right?” the Maier asked in an attempt to distract Elrond.
“You know there’s been no one,” Elrond affirmed. “I didn’t want anyone else. I guess I’m destined to remain alone,” the desolate voice stated.
“No love, you’re not alone; will never ever be alone. You and I were made for this; to my shame it was because of my cowardice that we fell away from each other. But never again, we will never fall away from each other again,” he vowed. Though,” he whispered, “I do see a wife in your future; a wife and children. I can’t tell how I know this; though she will leave and travel ahead of you to the Undying Lands. But I will still be here with you for as long as you draw breath.”
Placing a hard kiss on the elf’s lips to seal his vow, the Maier flexed his three fingers. This time there was no flinching, the muscles remained relaxed. One finger extended even further searching for that one particular spot.
Elrond felt his breathing increase, his heart pounding as anticipation built. Near, the finger was so near to his sweet spot. Suddenly the probing finger touched it, pressed against it and waves of pleasure washed over him.
Eonwë quickly pushed his cock into the elf, after using his saliva as a lubricant. With one plunge he buried himself deep in Elrond completely fulling him then held still giving the elf time to adjust.

“Yes, it’s okay; I’m alright. Go ahead love.”
Effortlessly Eonwë grabbed the elf by his hips and pulled him flat on his back. To further increase his penetration he positioned Elrond’s legs over his shoulders. Because of the flimsy nature of the camp bed, the Maier balanced himself on his arms clasping both sides of the cot. Toes pressed against the bed joints as he drove into the elf hard and deep, increasing his speed with each thrust, grunting at each powerul movement.

“My love,” he whispered, “mine forever.” He leaned down to greedily kiss Elrond. It was a fierce kiss, tongues sliding over each other before he suddenly shoved his deep down the elf’s throat, duplicating the motion of his hips.
Elrond reached down and stroked his own cock, jerking it in time with the thrusts. He was glad the Maier had forgotten his intention of forsaking his own pleasure. Tonight he not only regained his old lover but they would bring each other to mutual satisfaction.
The warrior had finally surrendered to his hunger. He increased the pace of his thrusts, driving like an unstoppable piston. Elrond felt himself melting, unraveling as sensation after sensation rippled through his body. His head thrashing on the cot he exploded, shooting cum over his stomach while at the same time his muscles clamped tight around the Maier. One hand showed bit marks. Elrond had bitten his own hand to smother his cries.
Eonwë felt the elf’s muscles contract around him. It was the sign he had been waiting for; he drove deep then held still as violent spasms racked his body. The ecstasy of his release nearly overwhelmed him.  Finally moments later exhausted, near collapse he eased out of the elf. Sliding legs from his shoulders he stretched out alongside Elrond.

“Sleep,” Eonwë whispered, “it’s near dawn and the camp will be astir soon. I’ll still be  here when you awake.” Wonder where I can find a real bed was his final thought as he closed his eyes. Both fell into a deep contented sleep.

Strangely the next morning saw a heavy fog roll over both encampments. Vision was limited to a hands length in front of one’s face. Ironically after taking counsel with advisors and lieutenants, the Kings declared it to risky to commit troops to battle. The inability to distinguish friend from foe was given as the reason; a wanton loss of lives was totally unacceptable to Elendil and Gil-galad.
After the meeting Elrond was not seen about camp until the next morning.

Chapter End Notes:

I didn't think an Epilogue was required. After all we all know Elrond's 'vision' and Eonwë's 'prophecy' was 'spot on.'

The title comes from the lyrics of LETTERS IN THE SKY written by Civil Twilight.