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fluff, Happy ending, Sub-Mel(but not push over), H/C

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Rape, death

I hope you like this eventhough the elves would just not let me write fluff.

A new beginning.




Lairë 2665 T.A.




Elrond looked up at the young elf perched on a branch of the tall tree next to one of the waterfalls that came down into the valley.


Melpomaen was staring out over the valley seemingly unaware of his surroundings or the elves below the tree.




The ellon had come into the valley the day before escorted by a group of Mirkwood guards.


The captain of the guards had explained that they were escorting the young elf on his way to the havens at a request from King Thranduil.


They had told Elrond that it looked like Melpomaen had started to fade after losing his parents and older brother during an orc attack close to the border of Mirkwood.


Melpomaen had been seriously wounded, but he had recovered from his physical wounds. When it became clear that the damage done ran to deep for the skill of the Mirkwood healers the King had thought it best to send the ellon to Aman for healing.




For most of Mirkwood’s elves he would not have chosen that path, but Melpomaen’s father had not been a born Silvan but one of the Noldor that had rebelled against the Valar.


During his stay in Beleriand, he had become one of Oropher’s personal guards and when Oropher came to Mirkwood, he had stuck with him and had later become one of Thranduil's guards. He had finally met a lovely Silvan elleth in one of the villages and had bound with her even though some of the Silvans had frowned upon their union.


Noldor and Silvan did not mix well, because most the Silvan felt like the Noldor looked down on them.  The day-to-day life of Melpomaen and his brother had not been easy because of their mixed heritage and they had often been shunned by the other elves.


Not being very welcome amongst the other elflings had caused the brothers to become each other’s best friend.




Knowing Melpomaen was without friends and hurt so badly had made King Thranduil decide to send his guards son to the only place he thought could help him: his grandparents in Aman. He believed that despite their son’s rebellion they would take in their grandson. He would be taken to the gardens of Loríen so he would be healed in time to be there when his parents and brother were reborn .




The group from Mirkwood had planned to leave early that day, but when they had gone to Melpomaen’s room to pick him up for breakfast they had discovered that their charge had disappeared from his room.


They had started with a frantic search of the immediate vicinity and when that search came up with nothing they had gone to the Master of the House to ask for help.




When they came to him, Elrond had sighed remembering the look on the faces of the Mirkwood contingent when they had entered the valley and their captain had told Elrond about Melpomaen’s condition. It had been quite clear to him that they did not like their assignment or the ellon they were escorting. If only they had been more worried for the ellon’s safety; they would have made one of the guards share the ellon’s room that night and he would not have gone missing.




Their search had finally led them to the tree Melpomaen was in.


Elrond stopped his musings and slowly climbed up so he would not startle the young elf.


When he had reached the branch the ellon was on, he sat down next to him.




“Good morning penneth. How do you like the view from here?” he asked.




Melpomaen looked at the black haired elf next to him but did not answer at first, then he shrugged and sighed. “I don’t know.”




He looked away again, but Elrond noticed that he was actually looking at the surroundings this time instead of staring off into space.




“Well?” Elrond prompted him. “What do you think?”




Melpomaen looked at the elf sitting next to him and seeing the genuine interest he gave a small smile. “It is quite different from what I am used to, but I think I could enjoy it if I had time to see it more often.” Then his face fell and he looked away. “But I do not have that time.”




“Why not?” Elrond asked him. “You do not have to leave the valley today if you do not want to.”




Melpomaen turned back toward Elrond and then he looked down at where the group of Mirkwood guards was standing near the base of the tree. “They will not want to stay. They want to go back to Mirkwood as soon as possible, and they cannot go back until I am on a ship to Aman.”




“Are you sure about that?” Elrond asked.




“The captain has told me he has been ordered by the King to escort me and to get a signed letter of dismissal from whoever takes over looking after me when we get to Lindon. I think that is the only reason they have not abandoned me out in the wilds.” Melpomaen whispered forlornly.




“Hmm ... is that so?” Elrond mused. Then placing a hand on Melpomaen’s arm he asked something that no one else had asked him before.


“Do you even want to sail to Aman?”




Melpomaen looked up in shock and when he answered there came tears to his eyes. “No, I don’t. But the King thinks it is best for me. He wants me to find healing for what ails me.”




“Well I think no one should be send to Aman without their consent. I will write a letter to King Thranduil dismissing your escort. You can stay here in the valley as long as you like.” He told the young ellon sitting on the branch next to him. Then he winked at him.


“And as for you finding healing; why don’t we see how far we can get with that right here. We have excellent healers here in Imladris you know and I am one of them.”




Melpomaen could only stare at the elf in astonishment.


“You will write a letter to the King. That is a very generous offer, but I don’t think that will work.”




Elrond suddenly realised that Melpomaen did not know who he was talking to and he grinned, he could not help it, it was rare that someone did not recognize him.


“I will make it work, trust me.” He said. “Now why don’t I clime down and take those guards back to the house. I’ll send someone to pick you up here and help you find a nice quiet place to eat breakfast.”




Elrond patted Melpomaen’s arm and climbed down easily.




Melpomaen saw him talking to the captain of the guards.


Because of the noise of the waterfall he could not hear what was said, but when the elf walked away the Mirkwood elves followed him.




After they had disappeared Melpomaen looked out over the valley again for a moment and then he climbed down the tree to wait for whoever was coming to get him.


He did not have to wait long. After about ten minutes he saw a tall blond elf coming down the path toward him carrying a picnic basket.


When the elf saw him he waved cheerfully and when he came close enough to speak he said, “Mae govannen penneth, my name is Glorfindel and I was told to help you elude your Mirkwood escort and to feed you. Do you want to eat here or would you rather find a more secluded spot?”




Melpomaen just stared at the ellon before him dumbfounded. Did he say Glorfindel?


Of course he had heard that name before. There wasn’t an elf in Endórë that had not heard that name.




Glorfindel smiled at the young ellon. He had seen the reaction before and was used to it.


Deciding to take matters in his own hands he took hold of the ellon’s arm and led him down the path away from the waterfall and then off to the right toward a secluded grove.


There he released the ellon. Then he put down the basket, pulled a blanket from it and placed it on the ground.




 “Sit down so we can eat.” He ordered and Melpomaen did as he was told.


Picnicking with Glorfindel had proven to be a pleasant diversion for the young elf and he had finally overcome his initial astonishment at meeting the famed Balrog Slayer.


When the other elf came to join them and told Melpomaen his name the ellon had stared at him for a few seconds and then he giggled. “No wonder you promised to make sending those guards back to Mirkwood work.” Then he collected himself and he gave Elrond a small bow. “It is an honour to meet you my Lord.”




Elrond accepted the bow with a nod and turned to Glorfindel with a smile. “I hope you brought enough food for three.”




“Of course I did. I knew you had not yet broken your fast this morning either.”




Melpomaen ate more than he had for the last few days; he had discovered he was actually hungry for the first time in weeks.


He was sipping on some juice after eating his fill when he noticed the two Imladrian elves looking at him curiously.




“Would you mind telling us why the King thought it would be best to send you to Aman?” Elrond asked him. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I think it might help us help you.”




Melpomaen looked down with a sigh. He still blamed himself in part for what had happened that day, but he felt like he could trust them. He took a deep breath and started his story:




“I reached my majority last year and my parents decided to take me and my brother Bregolas to Dale and Erebor for a visit as a surprise for my coming off age.”


I had never been outside of Mirkwood before and they knew I really wanted to see the world beyond the trees and a visit there would be easiest.


The trip turned out to be a complete disaster. We had barely left the Wood when one of the wheels of the cart naneth and I were in hit a pothole filled with water and it caused the axel to break.


We could not repair it and we were forced to spend the night out in the wild.


Close to dawn our situation turned from bad to worse. A band of orcs trying to escape a group of King Thranduil’s warriors attacked us.


When the warriors had reached us they finished off the orcs, but it was too late. They were too late to safe anyone except me.”




Melpomaen had started crying during his story and Elrond had wrapped an arm around the young ellon in support.




“We went on that trip because of me and I was unable to help them and they died because of that.


 If only I had learned how to use a sword like Ada and Bregolas instead of studying with the lore masters, then they would not have died. Bregolas was always saying that every elf should at least know how to handle a sword, but I have never felt like learning. I have always hated fighting.”




He sniffed and gave a small unexpected snicker. “The only time I ever got into a fight was when Bregolas stole my books one day and hid them. He hated reading and could not understand why I spend so many hours studying my books.”


Then he started sobbing again burying his face against Elrond’s chest so his next words were muffled.




“After a few weeks the healers said I was cured. I did not feel well, but they just told me I needed to come to terms with my grief and go back to my studies. I just couldn’t ... I mean ... how could I study after what had happened?”




Elrond exchanged a look with Glorfindel. They realised that the biggest problem the ellon faced was his guilt. Melpomaens nature apparently was more at home with books and quills but he felt guilty for not becoming a warrior like his adar and brother.


Not only that but he felt guilty for being alive and he seemed to think that if they had never started on their trip his parents and brother would still be alive and well.




“I know how you feel penneth.” Elrond said. “I feel guilty because I was unable to heal Celebrían and she had to sail to Aman for healing. Guilty for not accompanying her to Lothlórien; guilty for not insisting on a bigger escort of guards; guilty for being unable to help her after we found her; guilt for not sailing to Aman with her.”




Melpomaen stared up at the elf who was still holding him and saw the sad look on his face.




“Ah, my friend. You are not the only one to feel guilty because of that.” Glorfindel stated. “Most of Imladris’ healers and warriors feel like you do, including your sons and I.”




“I know, but that does not make me feel less guilty. Knowing that we cannot change events that have  happened however does help. Just like knowing that she did not blame me for what happened and knowing  that she will find healing in Aman.” He looked at Melpomaen and smiled.




“You have to realise that no one will ever blame you for what happened penneth, least of all your parents or brother. I met your adar and brother ...”




“You met them?” Melpomaen interrupted him.




“Yes I did; more than once actually when they came here escorting King Thranduil and I know they were very proud of you.” Elrond stated. Then his eyes lost their focus and he stared off toward the bushes next to Glorfindel. “In fact I think I remember your adar asking me something for you one time.” He mumbled seemingly lost in his thoughts.




“What ... what did he ask?” Melpomaen asked intrigued by Elrond’s musing.




Melpomaen was almost bouncing up and down with curiosity and Glorfindel saw the twinkle in his friends eyes. It looked like Elrond had a plan to get the young ellon out of his misery.




“What was I saying?” Elrond asked pretending to come back to himself.




“You said my adar asked you something. Something that had to do with me.” Melpomaen prompted.




“O yes, of course. Your adar wanted to know if it might be possible that you could one day come here to Imladris if you wanted to and see our library and perhaps even study here if you wanted to.”




Melpomaen looked stunned when he asked. “Did adar really ask that? For me?”




Glorfindel was quick to affirm Elrond’s words. “Yes, he did. I was there when he asked.”


Melpomaen did not know that Glorfindel was lying about having been there. In fact Glorfindel was not even sure if Elrond had told the truth about Melpomaen’s adar asking him that, but he would never tell the young ellon that.




“Perhaps we could do what your adar asked us. We’ll show you our library and if you like the idea I’ll find you a teacher to help you study.” Elrond offered.


Melpomaen was quick to agree with the suggestion and together with Elrond he walked to the house leaving Glorfindel to clean up the picnic. The Balrog Slayer did not mind in the least.








Lairë 2667 T.A.




Melpomaen gathered the scrolls on his desk and hurried out of the small office next to the library.


Erestor had asked him to take notes during Elrond’s trade meeting with a group of humans from Tharbad because he was busy with the restoration of one of the more valuable books in the library and he was running late..




Melpomaen was glad he could help his teacher. He had been living in the valley for two years now and he had learned so much with Erestor’s help and he was always willing to return all the kindness that he had received during those years.




Over all he felt happier here in Imladris then he had been in Mirkwood, now if only the elf he had fallen in love with would love him back things would be perfect.




When he reached the council room he knocked and after receiving an “Enter” he opened the door and walked in. All eyes were turned toward the door and Melpomaen feeling a bit nervous made a deep bow, before realizing his mistake.


He desperately tried to keep a hold on the scrolls, but to his embarrassment they scattered on the floor. “I … I am sorry my Lord.” He stuttered. He quickly started to pick them up off the floor. Elladan and Elrohir sitting closest to the door left their seats and started helping him.




Elrond just shook his head with an indulgent smile at the sight before him. He really liked the young ellon, but sometimes, usually when he was suddenly confronted with a situation like this, he would get nervous and clumsy.




The twins deposited the scrolls they had picked up on the table and sat back down again.


Elrond addressed the ellon still standing in the doorway “Come in Melpomaen and have a seat. I take it Erestor will not be joining us.”




“No my Lord. He is working on the restoration of a valuable book and asked me to assist during the meeting.” Melpomaen answered placing the scrolls he still held on the table next to the other ones.


Then he took the offered seat without looking at anyone, he felt even more nervous after dropping the scrolls like that.




When Elrond resumed the meeting without comment Melpomaen felt himself relax and soon he was doing what he was asked to do without any more clumsy mistakes.


The meeting took all afternoon, but when it finished everybody was content with the results.


After the meeting ended Glorfindel accompanied the humans toward their assigned rooms so they would not get lost in the house. The twins left after a few words with their father and Melpomaen was left in the council room with Elrond.




“Were you able to take all the notes needed to make up the trade agreements?” Elrond asked.




“Yes my Lord, I did. I will start on them right away.” Melpomaen replied.




Elrond shook his head “No. You don’t have to worry about them tonight. There is a feast in the Hall in honour of our guests and I expect you there.”




“But ... “ Melpomaen started, but Elrond cut him off. “No but ... you have done a fine job this afternoon and you will take the time to relax tonight.”




Melpomaen blushed hearing Elrond’s praise and he nodded shyly. “I will be there.” He said and after a bow he left the room.




Elrond found himself staring after the ellon, just like he had done time and time again.




“You really should tell him how you feel you know, or do you want to lose him to some other elf that catches his attention?” Hearing Glorfindel’s teasing question Elrond snapped back to attention.




“I don’t know what you are talking about.” He muttered.




Glorfindel laughed. “Now look me in the eye and say that again.”




Elrond looked at his friend and shook his head. “How long have you known?” he asked.




“Longer than you have known yourself I think. And I have been waiting for you to make a move ever since.”




“I’m not sure I remember how to anymore.” Elrond admitted rather reluctantly.


Glorfindel took his arm and led him out of the room saying, “I will help you then.”






After leaving the council room Melpomaen had returned to his office to leave his notes there and then he had walked into the library.


Erestor was still working on the book, but when Melpomaen came closer he looked up with a smile.




“How did the meeting go?” he asked.




“Very well. Everything has been taken care of and all that is needed now is to write it down and get it signed.” Melpomaen answered.




“Good.” Erestor said and was about to start working on the book again when he noticed  Melpomaen looking at him a bit hesitantly. “Is there something you need my help with?” he asked.




Melpomaen nodded. “Did you know the is a feast in the Hall tonight for our guests?” he offered.


When Erestor smiled he continued. “Lord Elrond told me he expected me there tonight but I don’t have any experience with such meetings. What am I supposed to do?”




Erestor looked at the young ellon in surprise. “It is a feast. Surely you know how to behave at a party?” he stated.




Melpomaen just shook his head clearly embarrassed. “No I don’t. The only feasts I have ever been to were begetting day parties when I was an elfling. And even those were rare.”




Erestor took one look at the ellon’s face and then got to his feet. “Well now, I will make sure you will fit right in tonight. Come with me.”




Erestor took the ellon back to the apartment he shared with Glorfindel and started filling him in on the etiquette appropriate for that night’s feast. When he came to the part about dancing Melpomaen almost bolted, but Erestor just told him that no one could force him to dance if he did not want to. Or in this case did not know how to.




They had been talking for over an hour when the door opened and Glorfindel walked in.


Catching the last of Erestor’s story about proper clothes he asked what they were discussing.


Erestor explained and Glorfindel nodded, then he smiled encouraging at the young ellon sitting on the couch still looking rather miserable.




“You’ll do fine. Erestor keeps telling me you are a fast learner, just pay attention tonight and you will do just fine.” He told Melpomaen.




“Those are my thoughts exactly.” Erestor agreed. “Now all we need to do is find him some clothes suitable for the feast.”




Glorfindel looked the ellon over and took in the way the young ellon looked; he was good looking no doubt about it. He was build like an archer with broad shoulders and a slim waist. He had platinum blond hair and eyes like crocuses; they were pale lavender.


 He said. “I think I know just where to find something for him.” And with that he left the room.




Five minutes later he came back his arms full of clothes.


Erestor took one look at his mate and raised an eyebrow. “Whose closet did you raid? And does the elf know you did it?” he asked.




Grinning Glorfindel dumped the clothes on the couch. “I raided Lindir’s closet and yes he does know about it. Now let’s see.” He started pulling clothes out of the pile holding them up in front of Melpomaen one after the other. “What do you think?” he asked Erestor.




Erestor saw Melpomaen’s anxious look and decided he had to give the ellon time to adjust to what was happening. He led him through the bedroom toward the bathroom and told him to take a nice bath. Too overwhelmed to resist Melpomaen complied.


When Erestor walked into the bathroom some time later and asked if Melpomaen was alright the ellon looked up with a smile.




“Yes, I feel much better now. I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”




“You are not causing trouble. I know Glorfindel can get a little carried away sometimes but he means well. We are just glad we can help you.” He said smiling down on the young elf. “Are you ready to take a look at the clothes we picked out of the pile for you?”




Melpomaen nodded and after showing him a bathrobe Erestor left the bathroom so he could dry himself.




When Melpomaen walked into the bedroom Erestor was waiting for him. There was a collection of clothes on the bed and he wandered over to look at them.




The first pile consisted of an under-tunic with wide sleeves in the nearly same colour as his eyes, a pale lavender, a pair of white leggings and a sleeveless tunic of a purple two shades darker than the under-tunic with it went a pair of soft white leather booths.




The second pile held a fine velvet emerald green tunic with a white shirt underneath and a pair of dark grey velvet breeches. With those went a pair of black leather booths.




“I think the purple suits you best, but we thought we should let you choose.” Erestor stated. “Just try both sets and see which you like best.




Melpomaen nodded and did what Erestor suggested. After trying on both sets of clothes he agreed with Erestor, the purple looked best.




When they left the bedroom Glorfindel was sitting in a chair near the fireplace reading.


He looked up and smiled. “You look marvellous in those clothes penneth. Now all we need to do is fix your hair and you are all set to go.”




“His hair is something I will leave to you, you are better at braiding then I am.” Erestor said. “I will go and change into something more festive myself.”




Glorfindel waved Melpomaen over and told him to sit on the floor in front of him. With an ease that showed centuries of practise he quickly braided Melpomaen into an intricate pattern with purple and silver beads in it.




An hour later the three of them entered the Hall of Fire.


Melpomaen felt uncomfortable when he noticed the stares the other elves and the humans in the Hall cast their way, but he told himself they were just staring at Glorfindel  and Erestor.


Glorfindel and Erestor however knew better. They looked at each other and smiled knowing that Melpomaen would have bolted for the door if he knew he was the focus of attention.




Seeing the buffet spread out near one of the walls they walked over and filled a plate, then they settled themselves in chairs placed near the fireplace.




Elrond had seen them come in and it had taken a lot of effort to tear his eyes from Melpomaen and concentrate on the story the leader of the group of humans was telling him.


After the man had finished his story Elrond finally could excuse himself saying he had to talk to someone.




He looked around and grimaced when he saw that Melpomaen was surrounded by a group of elves who all seemed to want to talk to him at the same time.


When he came close to the group he heard an elleth suggest they move to the dance floor.


Most of the elves agreed, but Melpomaen just shook his head. “I’m no good when it comes to dancing.” He told them.




“You don’t have to dance. You can just come watch us and enjoy the music.” The elleth said and she and a friend pulled him to his feet and over toward the dance floor.


Melpomaen was led to a chair near the musicians and he settled in to watch.


He soon found he was actually enjoying himself, watching the elves that filled the Hall.


Or more precise, he was watching one particular elf.




He saw Elrond moving from one group of people to another talking and every now and then he invited someone to a dance.


He looked so elegant in his burgundy coloured robes the ellon found he wished he knew how to dance. He admitted to himself that he would have loved to dance with the Lord of Imladris.




He felt a bit depressed all of a sudden and he raised his glass for another sip of wine only to find it empty. With a small sigh he shook his head and headed for one of the side tables to get a new glass, his sixth … or was it the seventh … he wasn’t really sure and he decided he didn’t care.




He was reaching for a glass of red wine when he realized there was someone standing next to him.




“You should slow down a bit; the wine is quite strong tonight.” A voice said, and Melpomaen looked up to find Elrond standing next to him. “Or are you trying to get drunk?” he asked, raising an eyebrow in question.




Melpomaen looked down to hide his embarrassment. “Perhaps.”




Elrond smiled looking the ellon over appreciatively for the ... how many times had he looked him over again ... he seemed to have lost track. He had seen Melpomaen stare at him a several times that evening. He hoped he knew the reason, but he wasn’t certain.




“Come with me, I need to talk to you. And you look like you could use a bit of fresh air.” Elrond took Melpomaen’s arm and dragged the flustered elf outside and towards one of the secluded benches.




“Why do you need to talk to me ... my Lord?” Melpomaen asked. “Did I do something wrong?”




“No you did nothing wrong. It is just that I noticed you kept staring at me tonight...” He smiled when the ellon turned a lovely shade of pink.




“I am sorry my Lord … I did not mean to offend … I just …” Melpomaen stammered looking at his lap where his fingers were fiddling with the hem of his tunic.




“I am not offended.” Elrond said leaning forward. He placed one finger underneath the ellon’s chin and raised his face to make him look at him. “In fact, it is quite the opposite.”




When he saw the look he was given Melpomaen’s eyes went wide.


“From the time I discovered you in that tree two years ago I found myself wanting to get to know you better. And the more I got to know you the more I liked you. And when you walked into the Hall tonight you looked mere beautiful that anyone I have ever met before.”




Melpomaen could only stare at the elf in amazement. “I do?” he squeaked.


Elrond looked into his eyes and smiled at the bewildered ellon, “Yes, you do.”




Melpomaen shivered when he saw the look in Elrond’s eyes and then he whimpered when his mouth was caught in a kiss.




Elrond drew back cursing himself when he heard the sound, too fast. He was moving too fast.




But when he looked at the ellon he realised that Melpomaen had not whimpered because he was scared, what he saw were eyes wide with surprise and darkened with lust.




Elrond let out a groan, “Valar, please help me or I will not be able to control myself.”




Melpomaen’s mouth curved into a hesitant smile and pressed his lips to Elrond’s again when he pulled back he whispered, “I thought you looked so elegant again tonight. You are always elegant, but I found myself wishing I knew how to dance so I could dance with you.”




“I will teach you how to dance then,” Elrond said, “but not tonight. I have other plans for tonight. That is ... if you agree to it of course.”




Melpomaen saw Elrond’s look and he knew what those plans were. He suddenly snickered. “Well, I have heard people call that dancing too ... horizontal dancing.”




Elrond pulled the snickering elf close and kissed him again, a long and searing kiss. When they finally came back up for air he stood still holding the ellon close to him. “Let us find a more private place shall we?” he asked.




Together they walked back toward the house, but instead of re-entering the Hall they skirted along the wall toward a door. From there Elrond led the way into the house until they finally came to a door Melpomaen had never seen before.  “Where are we?” he asked.




“These are my private rooms. We will not be disturbed here.” He opened the door and motioned Melpomaen inside.


When Melpomaen looked around he realised he was standing in the living room of a very large suite.




Elrond had walked toward a table and was filling two glasses with wine.


“Please, sit down.” He pointed toward a comfortable couch near the fireplace.


Then, noticing the look on the ellon’s face, he smiled gently.


“Don’t worry, I won’t bite … unless you want me to?” That last was asked with a smirk.




Melpomaen blushed, but did as he was told. Not knowing how to answer the question he kept quiet.


When Elrond sat down next to him and offered him one of the glasses of wine, he accepted it and took a gulp.




“Relax. I was only teasing you.” Elrond admonished him.




“I know … I … eh …” He looked up at the elf lord with a shy smile, then gathering his nerves he bend toward him and gave him a soft kiss before looking down again. “I don’t mind you teasing me.” He whispered.




Elrond took hold of the two glasses and placed them on the table next to the couch. Sliding his arms around Melpomaen he pulled him closer. “I’d rather kiss you.” He told him, and placing two fingers under the ellon’s chin, he turned his face to do just that.




Then he bent to kiss the ellon’s throat and then slowly made his way up to the tip of his ear. He slid his mouth over it and sucked making Melpomaen shudder with delight. A moan escaped his lips and Elrond sucked harder.




Melpomaen turned his head to catch his lips with his, but Elrond evade them and moved down his throat again.


Soon Melpomaen's  hands started wandering over Elrond's body of their own accord. He did not even realize when he started pulling on the hem off the elf’s clothes.




Elrond however did notice! He smiled at the feeling and raised his arms to help him in his quest to get rid of the fabric that was in his way.


Then he kissed the ellon in his arms and slid his hands under his clothes and made sure he did the same, wanting to feel his naked skin as well.




He smoothed his hands down the raised arms and over the pale chest rubbing the nipples on the way down, drawing a gasp from the younger elf’s mouth. “Ai, Elrond.”




Elrond smiled and brought his hands back up and he rubbed them again, feeling them pebble against his palm. He was rewarded with a moan and Melpomaen let his head fall back. “O Valar, that feels nice.” He grounded out.




Elrond licked at the right nipple, then sucked it. Another moan escaped the young elf and he moved to the left nipple to do the same. His hands were roaming over the elf’s chest and stomach caressing him.




Then he moved up and kissed him again. He sat back and looked at the young ellon.


Melpomaen was leaning against the back of the couch looking at him with eyes that shone like stars and had turned to the colour of amethyst with desire.




He stood. “Let us move to the bed, penneth.” He said pulling him to his feet and then he wrapped his arms around him. They walked to the bedroom wrapped around each other


Melpomaen ended up with the back of his legs against the bed and a small shove from Elrond send him tumbling down onto the mattress.




Elrond followed him down his lips around one of Melpomaen’s nipples, his hands roaming over his chest and stomach.


Moving his hands even lower, he appreciatively squeezed the bulge that had formed in the leggings and heard him groan.  To Melpomaen it felt as if his hands and mouth were everywhere at once, it just felt so good.


Melpomaen was reeling on the bed.


He found he had trouble focussing and when he finally managed he realised his hands were tied to the headboard of the bed.




“Elrond what are you doing?” He asked his voice quivering.




“Relax penneth I will not hurt you. Trust me you will enjoy this.” Elrond said kissing him again.


Then he slid his hands down Melpomaen’s body to his leggings.


Quickly Elrond undid the lacings on the leggings.




“Raise up a bit so I can take them off.” He urged.




It took the ellon a couple of seconds to decide but then he did as he was told.


After pulling off the leggings Elrond looked at the elf on the bed appreciatively, he was absolutely gorgeous.




Melpomaen looked up still a bit wary but he did notice the look in Elrond’s eyes and he relaxed.


Elrond started kissing him again slowly making his way down his throat and further down his chest and stomach.




Soon Melpomaen was lost in the sensations Elrond was creating. “Please,” he begged, though he did not even know what he was begging for.


Then he felt a hot breath over his groin and before he had time to wonder what it meant he was taken into a warm mouth.


Elrond sucked and the ellon could only gasp at the sensations that it invoked until with a moan he spilled himself.




He did however not stop there. He opened the vial he had placed on the bed next to Melpomaen’s hips earlier and coated his fingers with the oil it held.


He spread the ellon’s legs wide and started rubbing his fingers over his opening, pressing a finger inside when he felt him relax a little.


When he saw him getting hard again he took him into his mouth again doubling the pleasure.


He moved his finger in and out a couple of times, then he inserted a second finger.


Scissoring his fingers he stretched him, then he found the spot he was looking for and brushed his fingers over it.


Melpomaen  nearly came of the bed when he did that, only a strong arm across his abdomen kept him down.




‘O Valar, please!’ the young elf was caught up in a whirlwind of feelings. He wanted to grab the elf’s head to guide his movements but the restraints made that impossible. He groaned. He had never felt so helpless … or so good!




‘Please.’ He begged the elf knowing that he could do nothing beside that.




Elrond brought him close to the point of release again, then to Melpomaen’s frustration he stopped. ‘Elrond!’ he growled, glaring at the elf.




Elrond merely smirked and slipped of the bed. It was only when he started to remove his leggings that Melpomaen realized that the elf was still wearing them.




Sliding back onto the bed Elrond kneeled between the young ellon legs. “Yes ... O please, yes.” Melpomaen was staring up at the elf his eyes unfocused and pleading.


Elrond moved closer and slowly pushed inside until he was completely engulfed.


He waited until Melpomaen started moving restlessly beneath him before pulling back slowly.




“O Valar please move!” Melpomaen begged and that was what Elrond had waited for.




He plunged back inside and started a steady pace moving his hips so that with every stroke he rubbed across the ellon’s sweet spot building up to a mind shattering climax.


When he felt the elf nearing his peak he let go of his own mounting pleasure, he started stroking the young elf, his own movement becoming more and more erratic until Melpomaen came with a howl with Elrond close behind.




He collapsed onto the elf below him but after a second or two he rolled off of him.


Then he reached up and undid the rope he had used to tie him to the headboard with.


Melpomaen snuggled closer and kissed him. “You were right I enjoyed it, but please tell me you will let me do the same with you sometime.”




“I will if you promise to stay with me from now until the remaking of Arda.” Elrond told him and Melpomaen gladly told him he would.