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Title: In too Deep
Author: Angelstar3999
Rating: Nc-17
Beta: xLadySlytherinx: I want to thank my amazing friend and Sister(in all but blood) for all the help
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Summary: What Erestor wants more than anything is for someone to call his own, to love him, as he would love them, and to bring together the broken family that he now had.
Requested pairing = Erestor/Glorfindel
Story elements: Erestor makes it a habit to be in the public baths whenever Glorfindel and his men finish training. Erestor flirts with the other warriors in the hopes of gaining Glorfindel's attention. Not willing to admit his own desires Glorfindel insists Erestor be less distracting towards his men for their own sake (when really he means his own). Erestor is disheartened by the request but does not cease his quest to claim Glorfindel's affections.
Does *NOT* want: No details given


As Erestor sat at the edge of the bathing areas he placed his stuff to the side away from the waters. It wasn't very private but it would have to do. He was moving into his new rooms at the end of the month with his son Melpomaen. It was a family suite with its own bathing chambers; blissful privacy was only a few weeks away. Until then he would have to use the public baths along with everyone else.

Sighing, Erestor slipped into the bath enjoying the rays of sun on his back as well as the solitude it provided. As he pulled back up to the surface he ran his hands through his hair when his ears picked up on the familiar joking and laughter of the warriors. He hoped there would be a repeat of the last time but then again he didn't think he would be that lucky.


Erestor pulled himself out of the water before wrapping a towel around his waist, while blotting his hair dry.

"Well who knew that the dark chief advisor hid such a lovely form behind such dark robes?"

Erestor turned to see one of the warriors eyeing him like a rare and tender meat that he wanted to devour, a smirk upon his face. He didn't have a prayer at bedding Erestor, but that didn't mean he couldn’t have fun, and whatever made Glorfindel frustrated amused Erestor.

"Wouldn't you like to know; but of course I am neither cheap nor easy."

"Master Erestor...”

Erestor paused at Glorfindel's curt tone, inwardly sighing at the elf’s mood. It was now clear his fun was over for now he was sure to hear from Glorfindel later on. Turning his head he saw the Captain starting at him, his face set in a mild annoyance and frustration.

"Yes, Captain Glorfindel what can I do for you...?" Erestor's lips twitched mildly at Glorfindel’s reaction.

"I didn't know we would be running into you."

"Well I’m without my own private bathing area so I must clean myself somehow." Erestor smile widened as Glorfindel tried to grasp for words.

"Be that as it may why did you choose this time to bathe?” Glorfindel looked to the chief advisor who constantly drove him up the current wall he was close to.

"Why is it not obvious...?”

"No it is not..." Glorfindel wearily look to Erestor who was grinning from ear to ear.

"I finished my work, and since I had some spare time I decided to clean myself before the next meal, well if that is all I must get dressed."

Gathering up his things Erestor smiled at the other warrior before walking past the dumbfounded Captain.

End Flashback

Moving off to the left, Erestor relaxed in the water enjoying the cooling sensation against his skin. He really did look forward to this time of the day when he could be alone. While he loved his son dearly he often found himself run ragged by the boy’s curiosity. Thankfully he was able to hand his son over to spend time with his friend Elrond so he could take a couple hours to unwind.

"Well if it isn't the famed advisor...back again I see, and this time we can talk longer..." Calanon smiled teasingly at Master Erestor who simply raised an eyebrow.

"So it seems..." Beinion laughed deeply as he got rid of his dirty top. "It should be nice to have some fresh faces do you mind if we join you?”

"Be my guest..." Erestor smiled at both warriors as they slid into the water, smiles on their faces as well.

"Thank you... Master Erestor, and how was your day today? Swamped with paperwork again I am sure." Beinion poked fun at the calm advisor.

"Aye, like it is every day, just as yours consist of becoming hot and bothered training out in the fields." Erestor leaned back dipping his hair into the water. Ignoring the strange looks the younger recruits were giving him; they were unaccustomed to seeing him. Calanon and Beinion he had taught when they were younger, plus with their help after his room was destroyed he felt they had become close friends.

As they chatted with each other they did not notice to a pair of eyes observing them; as Glorfindel watched two of his finest guards tease and flirt with Erestor he grew angrier with every second. This was becoming a big problem, and he did not know what to do. He would not admit that uncomfortable feeling inside of his stomach was jealously, often suggested by the young Elrondion twins, nor would he point out that his blood boiled if one of them touched Erestor in a suggestive manner. But really what could he do about this feeling?  Maybe he could speak to Elrond about what he should do about the distraction that was his Chief Advisor.


Elrond wanted to do nothing but laugh at the moment, but he restrained himself as he watched his Captain and friend ranting in front of him. It seemed the only thing he heard out Glorfindel's mouth lately was Erestor's name and what he was up to.

"Glorfindel maybe your problem is not the fact that your guards are distracted, but that you are distracted." Elrond leaned on his hands as he looked to his flustered companion. It would be wonderful if Glorfindel felt more than just a little affection for his smaller friend.

"What.. No... I..." Glorfindel continued to try and make excuses but nothing seem to come out. As he ran his hand through his hair he finally sat down. "Even if I did, I do not think he will talk to me after what I did..."

Groaning he slumped forward he should of gone to Elrond after finding Erestor in the bathing area for the fifth time, but he thought he could handle it himself, apparently he was wrong.  Here he was three weeks after trying to resolve the problem looking for help.

"What did you do...?"

Jumping slightly, Glorfindel looked around for the source before looking down to see a small elfling holding a stuffed doll in his arms; looking up curious up at him.

"Hello Pen-neth, when did you get here...?" Glorfindel stared into familiar eyes.

"Just now, Dan dropped me off... I'm Mel. Who are you? Ada says you need to think before you speak." Mel looked up at the blond elf as he peaked up to Elrond to see if he was okay to approach.

"I'm Glorfindel, and your Ada sounds very smart, although I wish I had thought before I spoke...” Smiling down at the little one he felt a little lighter.

"My Ada is smart, you should say sorry when you do something naughty..." Mel frowned as he nodded trying to think about what his Ada told him.

"I do not think it will work very well it was very naughty..." Glorfindel covered his face with his hands and dropped his head finally realizing the severity of his actions.

"Pen-neth, Glorfindel is right sometimes sorry isn't enough." Elrond lifted the small elfling knowing that Mel was just as stubborn as his Ada.

"Ada says that you shouldn't give up even if your wishes seem to be out of reach. Just ... Be more sorry..." Mel snuggled into Elrond as watched Glorfindel from his spot. "Who did you hurt?"

"Someone that I see as a good friend even though he make me frustrated at times, he is smart, courageous and stands up for his beliefs." Glorfindel looked into the puzzled eyes of the elfling.

"I do not believe he asked what you thought of him, Mellon-nin. He probably just wanted a name." Elrond's questions were confirmed now to figure out how much damage his confused friend had done.

"His name is Erestor, he is the chief Advisor here also a very good friend, or at least I hope he still sees me that way." Glorfindel felt his stomach drop and turn unpleasantly.

"That's my Ada...." Mel smiled now that he knew who Glorfy was talking about maybe Elrond could help.

"Your Ada, I did not know Erestor had children." Glorfindel felt stunned yet at the same time he finally was able to realize why Mel felt so familiar.

"Aye, Melpomaen is the only child of Erestor; they live in one of the guest rooms." Elrond explained, sensing the apprehension pouring off his friend.

"Guest rooms...?" Glorfindel felt even more confused, Erestor had been present when Imladris was built, surely he should have had better rooms, such as a family suite not some guest rooms.

"Aye, you were off visiting Lord Celeborn for me when it happened, their original rooms were destroyed in a natural disaster. We were able to get a lot of their personal items out of the rubble, but the rooms were no longer suitable to live in."

Elrond frowned, that day still fresh in his mind; they were still recovering and he was working on new rooms for Erestor and Melpomaen. Erestor, although he was devastated, took the occurrence with stride and humbly accepted what was offered to him.

"Erestor is one of kind, Gracious and humble when it comes to things I know he deserves. He never asks for more than he needs even if he deserves it, and with what he has been through the last couple years I can tell you this, there is no stronger elf then Erestor for he was able to hold his head high and move on through all the tragedy that he has lived through."

"Ada's strong, and knows sometime people say the wrong things, right Elrond?" Mel looked up at Elrond who nodded his head. "I think he will forgive you, Glorfy but you have to be really sorry about what you did. Ada will know if you're not."

"Aye, that is true... Mel why don’t you go and find Elrohir; I am sure he is through that door in the private library." Elrond showed him the room before returning to his seat.

"Now let us get to the point what exactly happened, and please do not leave anything out..." Elrond notice that Glorfindel was still distracted. "Mellon-nin..."

"Huh? Sorry I guess I was lost in my thoughts..." Glorfindel looked up as he heard laughter from the other room.

"That is a terrifying place to be lost in do be careful Glorfindel I do not wish to lose one of my closest friends, and best Captain." Elrond teased as Glorfindel's eyes widened as the words sunk in. "Let us be serious for a moment, I wish to help you but I do not want Erestor to be hurt in the crossfire. He is strong, but he is not invincible."

"I know and every time I turn the corner I swear I learn a something new about him that seems to make him even more enchanting." Glorfindel rubbed his hands down his face as he started to tell Elrond what had conspired that afternoon.


Glorfindel was avoiding the problem he knew he was, but at the same time being able to see the small advisor, who somehow made him tongue-tied every time he saw him, was developing into a problem. He was becoming distracted just by the thoughts of Erestor. But he couldn't put this off he would just have to have a talk with Master Erestor. The advisor would simply have to pick another time to bath so he would cease to distract his warriors. It was for the best, he could not have anyone distracted because Erestor decided that he would always be there during bathing times, even if he had a nice backside.

Running his hands through his hair, Glorfindel steeled his nerves as he made his way down to the library. As he passed he saw his Lord's youngest escorting a small elfling down the hall.

"Mae govannen, Lord Elrohir and how is your day?" Glorfindel spoke as Elrohir stopped looking at him questionably.

"I am well, Lord Glorfindel... I am just about to retire so I can refresh before the eve meal. If you are looking for Master Erestor then he is in the main Library working on some last minute pieces." Elrohir smirked at the confused Captain; he was too obvious at times.

"Le Hannon, I wish you good Eve then Lord Elrohir." Glorfindel nodded his head to the young one.

"The same for you..." Elrohir nodded and continued on his journey down the hall with the elfling close behind.

Glorfindel resumed his journey as he made a right; the corridor would take him to the Main Library where he could confront Erestor about his bathing times.

As he reached the doors he paused, there in the room was the Chief Councilor putting items away his hair was still damp a clear sign that he had bathed earlier, not with his troops today obviously.

Taking a quick look around, Glorfindel did not notice a lot people around so felt that the conversation would be private enough. He wanted Erestor to stop flirting with his guards, not publically humiliated.

"Master Erestor..." Glorfindel cleared his throat as Erestor looked up his smile widening on his face as he put the papers he had been holding down on his desk.

"Lord Glorfindel, so good to see you; what brings you to my humble office?" Erestor pulled a chair out for Glorfindel as he put a couple scattered toys into a basket. "Would you like a seat?"

"No thank you, I haven't yet cleaned up for the evening meal... um I actually came here to discuss something of grave importance with you." Glorfindel was momentarily distracted by Erestor expressive eyes which held so much passion.

"Oh, is there something wrong... Is it Cilmion, I know that one of your guards is courting him, he really isn't a horrible person he is just a little on the shy side." Erestor paused hoping it was not Cilmion; he was adored among his fellow advisors, but shut up tighter then a clam around strangers.

"No that it is not it...It's you..." Glorfindel felt horrible when Erestor sat down; looking confused. He clearly had no possible idea of any wrongdoing on his part.  

"What can I help you with, Glorfindel...?” Erestor looked up into Glorfindel's eyes as he waited for him to continue.

"I would ask you to stop flirting with my guards, and distracting them... it is becoming tiresome and I do not wish for one them to become hurt due to the fact they are too distracted to notice their surrounding..." Glorfindel finished, but the moment he did he wished he had not been so forceful, yes Erestor was distracting, but not to the point they would be distracted on guard duty. He wished to take back what he just said, yet there was no going back.

"I understand Glorfindel; you must do right by your team, as must I, I think we have an understanding. I will stay away from you during your bathing hours and find another time. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to finish these papers, my team is counting on me." Erestor leaned against his hands as he observed Glorfindel from across him. All of that teasing for nothing it wasn't like him at all to really flirt with others just to gain one person’s attention, so why did he do it?

"Of course, Erestor, I will hope to see you at the evening meal..." Glorfindel left feeling less confident, and more like a bully who was not getting his way.

End Flashback

"Mellon-nin, I believe you did what we call putting ones foot into ones mouth..." Elrond leaned back, so now he knew why Erestor had looked so disheartened earlier. "I wish you had come to me sooner I could have help you with your little problem, or at least helped you pick a better choice of words."

"Aye, I know I do not always have the best way of saying certain things, but at least I get them across. I just wish I had not said such hurtful things to Erestor." Glorfindel kept on rethinking his words over and over again.

"Maybe you should admit to yourself first you were not worried about your guards being distracted, because I cannot see that as a problem. I think you should just admit that you were blinded with jealousy that Erestor was paying attention to someone else”

"Le hannon." Glorfindel nodded knowing Elrond was right he had been jealous and scared, if he had to admit the last one, on losing a chance to find companionship, and love.

"Well finally and here I thought I would have to whack you upside your head to make my point, now why don't you take a walk to bathing area I heard that is a good place to think." Elrond laughed outright at Glorfindel’s confused look.

 "Of course you mock me, but why did you suggest the bathing area..." Glorfindel went to get up as he stretched out his muscles trying to wake them up.

"Because you can always find missing things in the bathing area, oh and Glorfindel..." Elrond tapped the side of his head, while Glorfindel waved him off.

Glorfindel was still scratching his head at Elrond's words you find missing things in the bathing area, and he knew he was speaking of the public baths, but what could he mean. Turning the corner he stopped, he felt his heart start to pound, there Beinion and Erestor stood in front of the bathing area talking calmly as they did every day.

Beinion was holding what looked to be a book and smiling widely as he said something, which caused Erestor to laugh outright as he made his way over their voices became stronger.

"So it is good to see you outside of the library, although some may think you just use a scroll as a pillow and sleep right at your desk so you have more time to work." Beinion teased as Erestor lips twitched.

"Unfortunately that's been banned; although I remember my Ada doing that when I was young... sounds like an interesting idea." Erestor knew Beinion was just teasing.

"Young Beinion, I did not expect to see you here..." Glorfindel spoke up as he reached the pair.

"Aye, I had to pick something up..." Beinion hoped that Glorfindel would not say anything more to Erestor; his last words had hurt the elf deeply.

"Did you get it?" Glorfindel forced his smile while on the inside all he wanted to do was grab Erestor and give him a good shake. Then telling him to stop flirting as he was not available.

"Aye, Master Erestor just gave it to me and now I most go. I have plenty work to do, Good eve Master Erestor." Beinion gave a short bow to Erestor and Captain Glorfindel before leaving as quickly as possible.

Erestor almost laughed at Beinion as his lips twitched again he was probably off to Calanon; he had been the one to introduce the two in the beginning and it turned out to be good match. Beinion could be rowdy, while Calanon was a thinker and calmer then his counterpart. He was so lost in his thoughts he was surprised when Glorfindel suddenly jerked them into the bathing area locking the door behind them.

"Glorfindel, what...?" Erestor tried to make the ground stop spinning as he found himself with his back on the wall.

"Why is that I always find you flirting with someone..." Glorfindel had held it in for so long he just could not take any more.

"Why do you care....?” Erestor shot back as he narrowed his eyes, smaller he might be, but weak he was not. "Give me one reason why you should care if I find someone to spend time with, one!"

Erestor words were halted when Glorfindel did just that, his warm lips met Erestor’s pulling him into a daze as Glorfindel deepened the kiss. Before he broke the contact, Glorfindel gave one shorter kiss with obvious promise behind it.

"Glorfindel..." Erestor could feel Glorfindel's breath on his neck; his right hand cradled his head running his hand through his hair. Light butterfly kisses on his face and neck caused him to shiver as he tried to focus on something.

"Mmm... I have wanted to do that since I first saw you..." Glorfindel turned them, sliding down against the door pulling Erestor into his lap.

"That was years ago!" Erestor finally managed to make his brain work properly even with Glorfindel distracting him.

"Oh yes indeed... and even then you were able to drive me up a wall with your sinful body, and even more tempting mouth. I swear all you had to look at me to get my blood pumping and all I wanted to do was be close to you." Glorfindel claimed those temping lips once again this time in a slower kiss much to his pleasure was returned with equal enthusiasm.

"So I decided to get to know you better and as I learned about whom you were as a person I seemed to fall even deeper in love with who you are. By then it wasn't just attraction of the unknowns, but of the very soul and here I am; someone who has known and worked with you for years and yet I still learn something new about you every day.

"Then why..." Erestor twitched as Glorfindel pushed some of his hair away from his face.

"Because, my advisor I was just pointed out by a loved friend that I enjoy putting my foot into my mouth...and that is not funny...” Glorfindel grumbled as Erestor laughed out loud at his foot comment.

"Oh but it is Glorfindel you do tend to do that when you are lost for words. We should have just talked, I suppose we would have saved ourselves the heart ache, but I regret nothing that has happened so far in my life, nothing and at least we can admit to each other now how we see one another."

Erestor laughter flowed as Glorfindel pulled him in aligning the curves of their bodies, seems as his lips were once again possessed by his giant Warrior. Leaning in he wrapped his arms around Glorfindel's neck entwining his finger through the golden locks as he hummed into the kiss granting Glorfindel entrance enjoying the slow pace of this kiss.

"I was jealous..." Glorfindel broke off the kiss. "….That you were giving attention to others that I desired and to make matters worse you were and still are a great distraction to me. Every time I saw you with one of them I wanted to throw you over my shoulder, find somewhere private and claim you as mine. I do not claim to be perfect, but remember this I do not share."

"Aye... neither do I. It must be something in the water.” Erestor leaned into Glorfindel's touch finding that now he had it he didn't want it to stop.

"You will not stop me..." Glorfindel’s voice had dropped an octave; he could feel his skin practically humming with the emotions he had repressed for so long.

"If I wanted you to stop I would already told you, I’m afraid I have fallen for you my brave warrior, and there is no way to get out of this hole, it's much too deep." Erestor kissed Glorfindel on the edge of his mouth teasing him as he raked his nails over Glorfindel's arms, and down his back.

Erestor could feel Glorfindel removing his top, yet he couldn't bring himself to care at all he had not felt anything as intense as he did for Glorfindel, not even for his beloved son's deceased mother. The sheer emotion equally enthralled and terrified him.

"My beloved Advisor..." Glorfindel mumbled against Erestor bare skin, marking and mapping the trembling body beneath his hands. The sounds that came out from Erestor mouth were sinful and electrifying, sending shivers all over his body urging him on.

"Aye, as you are my wild Warrior.... it seems" Erestor was down to his bottoms, as he watched pleasantly when Glorfindel removed his own top discarding it as he lifted them both up sharing a kiss he wrapped his legs around Glorfindel's waist. He was no sooner placed on a cushioned surface which he recognized as the lounging area.

"My sweet little advisor, are you trying to drive me wild." Glorfindel lost the rest of his clothing as he made himself comfortable next to Erestor pulling him close as he devoured his lips desperate to taste the sweetness that he was becoming addicted to.

"Of course... no more talking..." Erestor hissed as his arousal came in contact with Glorfindel's as he squirmed a little trying to get some relief.

"No, you will find release Meleth, but only by me, and me alone." Glorfindel ground out at the pleasure that he got from Erestor's movements. He would have to try that.

Erestor didn't listen as he rubbed his hips against Glorfindel, earning gasps and groans it had been too long since he had been with anyone and he didn't remember it being this pleasurable. His mouth soon found the juncture between his lover's shoulder and neck; he pounced on the flesh kissing, biting and then lapping about to sooth it over.

Gasping as he felt something trail down his back, looking up he saw darkened-lust shaded blue eyes gaze at him before he was kissed brutally. Erestor thoughts seemed to fly from his mind Glorfindel’s finger slid into him, a perfect fit, his breath coming out short in gasps and mews. It was too much; Glorfindel hit something inside him causing pleasure to ride up his spine. The pleasure made his back arch and desperate groan fell from the advisor’s lips

"Did I find it baby....?” Glorfindel smirked lazily as he reached for the nearest bottle of lotion. He quickly coated his arousal not wishing to wait any longer. "This might hurt my sweet..." Kissing Erestor brow he aligned himself with Erestor’s stretched opened he slowly started to slide inside, searching for any distress on his lover’s face.

Forcing himself to retain his control while pushing inch by inch into his small beloved, he didn’t want to make their first time together a painful experience of Erestor. Steadying himself, Glorfindel clenched his teeth, his self-control hanging on by a thread.  The sound Erestor was making, his body surrounding him like tight glove. He paused when he was fully inside kissing every spot he could find leading up to advisor’s tempting lips.

"Minx..." Glorfindel groaned as Erestor started to shift under him causing him to clench his fist to stop the temptation of just taking Erestor in abandon. He did not want to hurt his little one, although maybe another time.

"Move..." Erestor felt the heat pool in his stomach making the slow movements unbearable, as the feeling of being completely full and loved washed over him. His hair damp against his head, his heated flesh sensitive to the touch as Glorfindel slowly started to shift all the while whispering praises into his ear as he hips were clenched in an iron grip.

Glorfindel patience was wearing thin as he picked up the speed trying to find the right spot that would toss Erestor over the edge of pleasure.

"Aiii....!" Erestor’s body arched into Glorfindel's as light clouded his vision. Wrapping his arms around Glorfindel's neck he claimed the tempting lips in a desperate kiss desiring to map out every part of Glorfindel smile.

"I see I found it little love... I plan to drive you wild, let us see you become undone without my touch." Without further words, Glorfindel set a long hard pace making sure to aim for the special place inside Erestor.

Erestor met each of Glorfindel’s movements, his strained arousal between their bodies causing such delicious friction that he tried to pick up the pace even with Glorfindel's grip holding down. He knew with a familiar tightening that he would not last long.

Glorfindel growled low as he crushed his lips over his lover’s as he groaned when Erestor tightened around him, triggering his release. His blood pumping, he could not think straight as his hot flesh felt sensitive to the touch, his heart pounding against his chest. They fell over the edge together, crying out the other’s name, lost in wild abandon.

"Mmmm... My little love... you seem to have the power to drive me wild... you bring out the good, and bad in me, sweetling." Glorfindel kissed the relaxed ellon under him who was currently mimicking a cat.

"As do you...strange when I came here I just wanted to be able to clear my mind, who knew I would be gaining a lover in the process that is if you want me..." Erestor looked to Glorfindel unable to get up with his weight cocooning him.

"No sweetling, now that I have tasted you... I will never let go of you... You‘re mine...." Glorfindel wrapped his arms around the small advisor and moved to a dry spot as he cuddled. "I wish to be a part of your life...but if you need we can go slowly."

"I would like that, but I think the whole slowly part was a couple hours too late...." Erestor laughed as he was pulled closer to Glorfindel.

Erestor smiled as he put the box down in their new rooms with a relieved sigh that was the last of it. He was thankful his friends who helped move what he and his son had into their new rooms. Glancing around the advisor was about to reach for a stack of books when a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist; the melodious sound of Mel’s laugher not far away.

"Hmmm... we came to check up on you...I left Elladan and Elrohir to put away some of Melpomaen's possessions. I hope you do not mind." Glorfindel stole a quick kiss as he spooned Erestor rocking them side to side in a relaxing motion. If you had told him four weeks ago he would finally have the object of his affection and a family he would sent you straight to Elrond's door. Yet here he was with Erestor at his side, and little Melpomaen who already had a firm grip on his heart just like his Ada.

"You just came here for some down time admit it..." Erestor laughed as he lifted his son up before lying down on the bed he and Glorfindel would share. That was a comforting thought.

"Aye you caught me, what is my punishment...?" Glorfindel pulled Erestor down onto the bed as Melpomaen tried to get closer to them. He pulled the little one close placing a small kiss on the elfling brow he knew that it would be too hard for him to say no to this little one, too much like his Ada.

"Well I just might have to think about that, what do you think ion-nin...?" Erestor looked to his giggling son who seemed to not stop laughing even to answer a simple question. Not that he cared much, he would rather see Mel act his age and not try to be a mature adult at such a young age.

"Oh do not think he will be able to answer that question..." Glorfindel smirk widen as Erestor's eyes widen, reflecting Mel's eyes.

"Oh why is that....?" Erestor laughed out right at his lover’s mischievous side, no wonder the twins were not able to prank this one, he was just as bad.

"Because it’s time for our favorite past time..." Glorfindel shared a smile with Erestor, but before they could say anything else Mel was off their bed and running into his room.

"You are bad..." Erestor laughed as Glorfindel smile widened showing his pearly whites.

"I know... yet there is something about Mel's laughter just like his Ada's it makes me love them even more every time I hear it..." Glorfindel pulled Erestor close to him as he listen to his and Erestor elfling play with the twins in the other room.

"I know what you mean... I never thought I could be this blissful again, but you made that happen and I am very thankful to have you in my life..." Erestor breathed in Glorfindel's sent relaxing against his broad chest enjoying the comfort.

“I love you my do not know how much you have given me, aye I live here and have friends and family. Yet now I have someone who I can call my own, who can possess my heart as I possess theirs. Someone who was able to give me the joy of parenthood. But the most important part would be to know my feelings are returned." Glorfindel held Erestor to his chest enjoying the quiet moment they were sharing.

"Someone to love..." Erestor leaned forward kissing Glorfindel not regretting anything he did to gain Glorfindel's attention.


Chapter End Notes:


My OCs... and there meaning of their names
(Kahl-ah-non): Aaron: Light
Beinion (Bay-nee-on):Alan: Handsome
Cilmion (lit. "selected") (Kill-mee-on): Seth Appointed

Mae govannen :
Well Met
Le hannon: Thank you
Meleth: Love

Melpomaen: Around 5-6