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Rating up to: Any

Pairing: Elf/Elf or Elf/Man

Story elements: 
I'm a firm believer in letting the story muse go where it will, which is risky but also why I went with the NC-17 rating. If the story ends up lower-rated, even G or PG, that's fine.

Does *NOT* want: Nothing too extreme or dark; no dismemberment (unless Maedhros is being rescued.)

I hope this will be to your liking  ;-)


Lairë 32 in the year 3360 of the Second Age


He groaned and slowly shook his head. Why this day of all days?


When he was offered the chance to come to this valley on a mission to look after his Lord’s offspring he had jumped at it. He had after all sworn to his Lord to do so and now he was offered a second chance after failing the first time. At least he had seen what happened to him as failing in his sworn duty.


Before he had left he had been send to be trained in combat by the best. He had worked hard even if at times he felt like they would send him back to where he had been only a few months earlier.


He had always been an excellent fighter, some said the best, but now he was skilled so much more.


They had gifted him with a magnificent steed and a sword the likes of which he had never seen before.


Then they told him to ride through a gate he had never seen before. He had been there a lot of times and he was sure it had never been there before that very second. Shrugging his shoulders he had done as he was told to do.


He remembered feeling nauseated when he rode through the gate and then he must have blacked out for a second or two, because when he became aware of his surroundings again everything seemed to have changed.


The very quality of the air was different and somehow he instantly knew he was close to his destination. He knew the lay of the land around him as if he had lived there his whole life instead of having just arrived. They must have somehow given him the knowledge he needed.


He was still mounted and he was facing a river that was flowing languorously down over the rocks of a ford. A ford that normally needed to be crossed to enter the valley, or Imladris as it was called, but he had already entered.


He turned his steed around toward the road leading toward the rest of the valley and the house that was contained in it when he took notice of Anor’s place in the sky. Suddenly the realisation of today’s date set in and that is when Glorfindel groaned.


Midsummer’s Day.  It just had to be on Midsummer’s Day!



He groaned and slowly shook his head. Why this day of all days?


The household staff was already in a frenzy today with all the preparations that needed to be done before noon. It was the always the same year after year.


He had already checked on the kitchen staff, they had been busy for the last three days preparing everything to make sure there would be enough of everyone’s favourite foods.


Truth be told, they had already started preparing for this year’s festival months ago. Just like they did every year, and somehow they were still worried that they would not have enough.


He shook his head with a smile. There was enough food prepared to feed every elf in the valley for a week, and still they were worried there would not be enough.


He was taking a moment to enjoy the discussion that was going on between Elrond and Gildor Inglorion while they passed him in the hallway when Elrond suddenly stopped talking.


There was a flash of blue light; Elrond went pale, staggered and collapsed on the floor.


The ring! The two elves in the hallway knew of the ring Elrond carried, knew of its power and how Elrond used it to protect the valley.


There had been a breach of the protective circle that lay around the valley.


Before either of the elves could run off to sound the alarm Elrond grabbed a hold of their arms with a smile on his face.


“Do not worry my friends!” he said “the breach was not caused by someone who means harm. Quite the contrary actually.”


“No harm, no harm?” Gildor questioned the Lord of Imladris.


“No harm. I assure you.” Was the returning answer.“I could feel the circle open, but it was not done by evil. I can’t explain it, but I think what happened is a cause for joy.”


Erestor looked at Elrond in complete astonishment, but he just nodded. “Come my friends we have an unexpected but very welcome guest to greet.”


With that puzzling statement the elf lord turned and started walking down the hall toward the front door of the house. The two elves followed with questioning looks on their faces.


An unexpected but very welcome guest? While the house was already filled to capacity with guests? Erestor groaned.


Midsummer’s Day.  It just had to be on Midsummer’s Day!



Glorfindel was about to start up the road that would lead him through the valley toward the house he knew was there,  wondering how long it would take until someone spotted him.


Not long at all as it turned out. It was perhaps five minutes after leaving the ford when a group of elves stepped out from behind boulders on each side of the road. They were carrying weapons so Glorfindel assumed they were guards and he was right.


“Mae govannen” one of the guards said with a small bow. “We did not expect any new visitors to arrive today, but please be welcome in our valley.”


“Mae govannen” Glorfindel replied. “Thank you for your kind welcome.”


He noticed one of the guards was staring at him with a slightly puzzled look on his face and he realised he knew the elf. “Gilvagor?” He asked hesitantly.


The elf’s eyes went wide and his puzzled expression turned to a look of complete shock.


The other elves  watched what was happening with interest. They knew they had never seen the tall blond haired elf before them, but Gilvagor obviously did.


Finally the stunned elf managed a whispered “Glorfindel?” When Glorfindel nodded he added “You died!” Then he looked horrified at his own exclamation and mumbled “Sorry.”


Glorfindel could not help the smile that stole over his face. “There is nothing to be sorry for my old friend. Yes, I died, but I got better.”


Somehow that ridiculous statement broke Gilvagor’s embarrassment and he snickered. “Well at least I see your sense of humour did not die with you.” He stepped up to the horse Glorfindel was riding and the two of them clasped arms in a warriors greeting.


“It’s not that I don’t mind seeing you’re alive, but what are you doing here?” he then asked.


“I was send by the Valar to full fill my sworn duty to my lord. I am here to offer my sword to his offspring, your lord Elrond.”


“But why today? Ehm... you do know what day it is today, don’t you? Why on Midsummer’s Day?”


“I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is a jest from Eru’s perspective. It just had to be on Midsummer’s Day!”



When Elrond and the two elves walked out of the door to the courtyard it was to find it filled with elves. They were whispering and a name could be heard floating around. Glorfindel was here, some whispers said. It can’t be he died in the fall off Gondolin, other whispers said.


The three elves standing at the top of the small staircase leading into the courtyard just stood and listened.


Soon there was the distinct sound of hooves on the road leading to the courtyard and the whispers fell silent. The elves moved to the side to allow the group of guards to enter, they were followed by a tall blond elf astride a beautiful white steed.


Erestor saw them enter through the gate and when his eyes fell on the last rider they went wide.


Never before had he seen what he saw before him. The elf was absolutely breathtaking even though he was dressed in a simple white linen tunic, grey leggings and black leather riding booths. Fastened around his neck by an intricately designed mithril clasp was a grey hooded cloak.


Erestor also noticed he carried a long sheathed sword at his side and a longbow and a quiver of arrows on his back.


Elrond’s words of welcome startled him and he realised he had been staring at the elf.


He quickly focused on the conversation and he heard Glorfindel offer his sword to Elrond and Elrond’s quick acceptance. Gildor offered Glorfindel a welcome back to Middle Earth. Erestor realised that the ancient elf and Glorfindel knew each other.


Then Elrond turned to him and he heard him say. “This is Erestor, he is one of my advisors and he oversees the household staff. He will show you to a guestroom you can stay in for now during the festival. After the festival is over we will find you more permanent rooms.”


“Ehm ... my Lord?” Erestor spoke up hesitantly. He did not want to appear inhospitable, but he had to be honest. “We don’t have any more guestrooms available, the house is overflowing with guests for the festival. Lindir has actually arranged that some off the visiting musicians are sharing rooms with some of our own musicians.”


Elrond just stared at his advisor for a moment or two before saying something that shocked the normally unflappable advisor. “Well I guess he will have to share your rooms for the time being then.”


“He can... what? But ... but...” Erestor stammered.


“Share your rooms. They are big enough for two and it will only be until the festival is over.” Elrond said and he turned to Glorfindel. “I hope you don’t mind?”


Glorfindel smiled and told him “Of course I do not mind.” And he added to himself; No I don’t mind at all.


Erestor sighed inside. He did not like having to share his rooms, he treasured his privacy too much.


He could not deny Elrond was right though, they were big enough for two .


It could not be helped, he would have to share them. It just had to be on Midsummer’s Day!



Glorfindel had noticed the three standing there waiting for their arrival. He recognized Gildor Inglorion immediately, even though the last time he had seen him had been before the foundation of Gondolin.


Looking at the two elves next to Gildor he realized Elrond had to be the black haired elf wearing the mithril circlet.


However it was the second elf that drew his eyes. He was tall but of slender build with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He had dark auburn hair that hung loose except for his warrior braids and he was dressed in a simple but elegant robe.


All of that however only registered after the elf’s eyes. They where an incredible lavender colour that rivalled the most beautiful amethyst.


Then he was introduced to the elf, his name was Erestor and he was one of Elrond’s advisors, lucky him, he would get to work with him closely.


It turned out his luck was even better, when due to all the visitors to Imladris, there were no more free rooms and Elrond suggested that he would share Erestor’s rooms with him because he had room to spare.


When Elrond asked him if he would mind to share he had to suppress the huge grin that threatened to break out on his face, instead he managed to just smile and say, “Of course I do not mind.”


He could see however when the elf turned to him and asked him to follow that Erestor was not happy about having to share. Glorfindel made sure his horse would be cared for, grabbed his packs and turned back toward Erestor.


Erestor lead him through the hall explaining the layout of the house while they walked. When they turned a corner and entered another hallway he said, “This side of the house houses the private quarters of Elrond, his advisors and the heads of the different household staff’s. Gildor has his own room here as well whenever he happens to be here.”


He stopped in front of one off the doors, “These are my rooms.” He let out a small sigh, “And for the time of the festival I guess they are yours too.”


Glorfindel noticed the sigh and he decided to offer a way out for Erestor. “I am honoured that you are willing to share your rooms with me, but if it would make you feel better I do not mind sleeping in one of the warrior’s bunkrooms. I am quite used to that.”


Erestor turned to the elf next to him a bit startled. “No! ... I mean ... that is not necessary. While I have to admit I value my privacy very much, it is because I come from a large family, I do not mind sharing my rooms with someone I have to.”


“Are you absolutely sure, because I meant what I said.” Glorfindel pressed.


“Yes, I am sure. Please come in and make yourself comfortable. Would you like to bathe after your journey?” he asked.


Glorfindel shook his head. “No, but thank you for the offer. The journey wasn’t that long. Two hours ago I was still in Valinor.” And seeing the astonished look on Erestor’s face he added. “Don’t ask me to explain it, because I can’t. The powers of the Valar are just that powers.” And he smiled.


Erestor showed Glorfindel the rooms, showing him where he would sleep. Then told him he had to get back to work and left with the assurance he would comeback an hour before the festival would start. After all he would have to get cleaned up and change into something more festive.


Looking about the room again Glorfindel noticed a comfortable chair and sat down. He thought about Erestor and smiled.


Then his mind turned toward the upcoming festival and he groaned. A Midsummer Festival ... It just had to be on Midsummer’s Day!



Lairë 32 in the year 3410 of the Second Age


The elf looked in the mirror to check on his appearance one more time. Lindir grinned at the elf’s reflection catching his eye. “You look marvellous my friend. Now stop fidgeting with your clothes and hair and sit down. You are starting to make me nervous. Don’t tell me you have changed your mind, because if you have I am out of here. I will not wait here with you for him to find you, I am not crazy you know. “


Laughing Erestor turned away from the mirror and moved to sit down. “Don’t worry Lindir, I have not fought so hard for the relationship we have only to change my mind now.”


Before Lindir could say more there was a knock on the door and a voice called out. ”It is time.”


In another room a second elf was sitting in a comfortable chair staring out the window while Gildor sat watching him. “Are you ready for this?” Gildor asked him with a smile.


A grin split open the elf’s face. “O yes I am. I have never been more ready for this.”


“Good, because it is time.” Gildor said standing from his seat.


Before exiting the room the elf looked in the mirror one last time to check on his appearance, then he made his way out toward the gathering out on the field in front of the house.


Both elves where thinking about the rocky road they had had until this day.


It had started that first night with Glorfindel waking up screaming from the nightmare of that fateful Midsummer’s Day in the First Age when Gondolin fell, only to find himself wrapped in Erestor’s arms while the advisor was trying to soothe him.


They remembered their hours talking about anything that crossed their minds; their fights about things that did not seem important afterwards; their hours spend together wrapped around each other making love and everything else that crossed their minds during the short walk toward the field.


Those thoughts however came to a screeching halt the moment they first laid eyes on each other since that morning.


That fine Midsummer’s Day right at the start of the festival Glorfindel and Erestor finalized the relationship that started the day they met that Midsummer Day 50 years ago.


And as they shared their first kiss as betrothed  Glorfindel could not help but think. It just had to be on Midsummer’s Day!


The end?