Enws Conquests by Mawgy
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Story Notes:

Title: Eönwë’s Conquests


Author: Mawgy


Beta: Mawgy’s mum


Dedicated to my recipient


Rated: NC-17


Genre: PWP


Warnings: male/male sex.


Pairing: Eönwë-   /Tilion  /Ossë  /Sauron


Summary: Being the strongest of all Maiar and Manwe’s herald has its perks, as well as its burdens.


Disclaimer: I own nothing and am making no money from this story… I just like to play with other people’s toys. :D

“Quick, I must tend to my duties soon!” Tilion begged not for the first time. “At this rate I will have no energy left!”

Eönwë smirked down below, but continued his slow, steady ministrations.

Tilion groaned in frustration and pleasure. Damn the whisperings and rumours spread amongst his kind. Scattered all over the world they may be, but that won’t stop conversations from being kept private.

Ever since the sun rose that morn, Eönwë had him tied to the bed, intended to used, ridden and played with as the other saw fit. One little comment, that was all this came down to! A suggestion that Eönwë’s strength and prowess in the battlefield did not necessarily cross over into other areas of his life. Oh boy was he being shown how wrong he was.

“I certainly am glad you came to me this day,” Tilion tried, “I see now that your stamina has uses other than for warfare. You have proven me wrong and I accept this defeat. So if you could just end this sweet torture I will be on my way…”

Eönwë slowly drew his mouth up the length of Tilion’s cock and released the flesh with a ‘popping’ sound.

“On your way? You have not slept for a whole day and night brother, it would be reckless for me to allow you to work while sleep-depraved, dehydrated and exhausted. I believe you should remain in bed a while longer,” Eönwë said with an almost malicious grin.

“Yet it is in bed that I have come to be in this condition.”

“Hmmm, how true,” Eönwë pondered, sliding a finger up the underside of Tilion’s erection. Tilion shuddered at the intimate touch to his very sensitive organ.

“The sun is setting, I must go!”

“Let the night be dark for a change. I am certain others will appreciate the change in illumination for one evening.”

“I am not you Eönwë! I have a duty which must be fulfilled each night. You only jump into action whenever Manwë calls upon you! Now release me from your capture!” Tilion demanded looking most distraught.

“Very well, I shall release you,” Eönwë advised, “but how would you like me to release you? Shall I release you here?” Eönwë asked, slowly dragging his fingernails up Tilion’s tender flesh, “or shall I release you here?” Eönwë leant over Tilion’s body and touched the cord wrapped around moon guider’s wrists.

“BOTH!” Tilion cried in desperation. Eönwë was a little taken back by the panic in Tilion’s voice, but responded in his usual calm voice.

“Both?” He confirmed, one eyebrow raised and a steady hawk-like gaze pinning Tilion in place.

“Well, maybe one more time before you remove the binds.”

Eönwë smirked in response and lifted from Tilion’s body. Moving back to his previous position he deftly lifted Tilion’s legs over his shoulders and slid inside the steersman’s body, the opening still slick from their previous rounds.