Story Notes:

Title: Afternoon Tea
Author: Angelstar3999
Beta: Sistersue1
Rating: R
Pairing: Merry/Sam, Slight Merry/Pippin mentioned in the end
Warnings: Spanking, h/c (kind of)

Request: Angst, Pippin (or at least mentions of him), and mentions of "The Quest."
Summary: Sam goes to check on Merry on one sunny afternoon.

It was a sunny day. There was not a cloud in the sky as Samwise Gamgee made his way towards Merry"s domain. As of lately, Merry seemed to be acting unlike himself and he was showing a side that scared and worried others. Samwise was so deep in thought that he almost missed the entrance to Merry"s home. Taking a deep breath Sam slowly opened and closed the gate silently behind him so as not to cause disruption in the neighborhood. Straightening up, Sam lifted his head as he marched up to and knocked on the door. He was going to find what was going on today, whether Merry liked it or not.

"Go away, nobody is here!" Merry answered from the other side.

"Meriadoc Brandybuck, you open this door this instant," Samwise sternly replied glaring at the door willing it open for him.

Sam could hear shuffling behind the door before it was suddenly yanked open. He could not hold back a startled gasp at what he saw in front of him. He most defiantly had not been prepared for what he was seeing in front of him. Merry looked absolutely horrible and seemed ready to fall down. Merry"s hair hung limply and his skin looked pasty white. There where dark circles under his eyes. His eyes, which where usually filled with so much mischief, were now blood-shot and dull of any joy.

"What!" replied an irritated Merry, as he glared at Sam and willed him to leave the premises which did not work as Sam stood his ground.

"What do you want Samwise? Shouldn"t you be with your wife?" sneered Merry as he glared at Sam who seemed to not get the hint that he wanted him gone.

Sam was shocked as he stared at Merry not really sure how to react to Merry"s new attitude. If Mr. Frodo or Pippin were here Merry wouldn"t dare use that kind of tone with him, but they weren"t so it was up to him to solve the problem at hand.

"Meriadoc do not use that tone with me..." Sam lectured.

"I came over, because I was worried about you Meriadoc, and this is how you greet me. There has been talk around and everyone is worried about the path you are going down," replied Sam.

"Well everyone should mind his own business now shouldn"t they?" snarled Merry as he tried to slam the door, only to have it stopped. Sam"s hand had shot and pushed it back.

"Merry I am warning you now... lose the attitude or face the consciences. I know you would never do some of the things you did to me if Mr. Frodo and Pippin were around," Sam growled his eyes flashing irately.

"Or what Samwise? Are you going to spank me?" Merry sneered.

Samwise stared at Merry in shock. He had no idea what had gotten into Merry, but he wasn"t going to take it anymore. Something seemed to snap inside as he grabbed Merry by the ear and dragged him into the house slamming the door behind him. He did not care if the noise disturbed the neighbors. He dragged the struggling Merry into the boy"s room and released his ear as he shut and locked the bedroom door. Turning around, he watched a disgruntled Merry rubbing his now red ear. For just a moment Sam felt very guilty about what he did, but not for too long. Merry had made his bed and now he was going to have to lay in it.

"That hurt... What gives you the right to do that?" Snarled Merry as he glared at Sam across the room.

"If you are going to act like a spoiled brat, Merry, then I am going to treat you like one. I know how to deal with naughty children I just never thought that you would act like one." Sam pulled a chair out and sat down in one of the chairs in the room.

"I know you would never speak to Mr. Frodo like the way you spoke to me today Merry and I am quiet certain that you would never speak to Pippin like that and I deserve the same courtesy that you show both of them. You had no right to speak to me in such a disrespectful manner and therefore, because of it you shall be punished. Pants and undergarments down and over my lap and do not think about wasting your time, or your punishment shall be worse." Samwise sternly replied.

"What? You cannot do this. I am not a child anymore!" shouted Merry, clearly outraged at the thought.

"Yes I can. I promised Mr. Frodo that I would take care of you and Pippin, and that is what I am going to do," Sam replied looking directly at Merry.

"I don"t need you to care for me. I can do it myself just fine, thank you," snarled Merry as he glared at Sam while he still rubbed his sore ear.

"That it is not how I see it Merry. Now do as I said and do not keep me waiting, Merry, I am not in the mood right now," stated Sam. He pinned Merry with a glare that he often used on his children when they were misbehaving, and it worked. He watched Merry storm over and untie and lower his pants over his thin hips.

"Now the undergarments, Merry, and make it quickly," snapped Sam as he was quickly losing his patience with Merry.

"Fine..." grumbled Merry as he slowly pulled down his undergarments and glared at Sam.

", and now........." growled Sam as lost his patience with Merry and just pulled Merry over his lap. "Now Merry, what are you being punished for?" asked Sam as he rubbed one of his hands on Merry"s bare bottom. Whether Merry heard him or was just being silent, out of stubbornness of his position, he made no movement.

SLAP... Sam"s hand came down upon Merry"s backside causing the naughty hobbit in his lap to yelp and let lose a few choice words.

"We" SLAP "Do" SLAP "Not" SLAP "Use" SLAP "That" SLAP "Kind" SLAP "Of" SLAP "Language." SLAP.........Sam spoke as in between rained hits upon Merry"s backside.

"Now do you want to tell me what this punishment is for, or should I tell you why you are being punished?" Sam calmingly replied, rubbing Merry"s pink backside. SLAP...SLAP... SLAP....SLAP....

"Damn you Samwise.......I am not a child..." squawked Merry as Sam brought his right hand down on to his back side.

"Wrong answer, Merry, apparently you have yet to figure it out. What you are being punished for?" Sam sternly asked as he let loose raining slaps down upon on Merry"s already abused backside. Soon he came with a steady rhythm and soon Merry"s pink buttocks where turning a nice shade of red. His hand felt sore and stung, but he still continued, determined to get his point across.

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP ........

"Please Sam, stop I"m sorry...."Merry choked out between his sobs. "I"m Sorry, sorry, sorry, SORRY!" Merry stuttered in between sobs.

"And what are you sorry for, Merry?" Sam asked, rubbing soothing circles over Merry"s crimson buttocks. He winced when he saw how much damage was done to Merry"s backside. He had not meant to go that far.

"Sorry for...for being rude...."sniffled Merry.

"And is there anything else...?" questioned Sam.

"I am sorry... I am sorry for......." Merry paused as his looked around wildly. He didn"t know what else he did wrong.

"You are sorry for causing your self harm...right? And you will not do it again?"

"No, I promise...." squeaked Merry as his already abused backside throbbed from the pain. Sam had good aim that was for sure. Merry was pulled out of his thoughts as he felt his body being lifted and sat down so both his legs dangled on either side. Looking up he looked into Sam"s warm eyes and he felt shame well up within his stomach.

"Now Merry I want an honest answer from you. Why have you been acting up lately?" Sam calmly stated as he rubbed circles on Merry"s lower back.

"I can"t..." Merry stated firmly as possible between his sniffles.

"I think that you can or we could start all over again, I still have another hand," Sam said, raising an eyebrow.

"Alright....... It is just that with Frodo and Uncle Bilbo leaving with the elves and then Pippin goes on sudden trip, everyone is leaving and I just wanted things to be the same way before we found that stupid ring. Now with Pippin gone on his little trip, I do not know what I"ll do if you leave me like Frodo did. I could not bear that." Merry finished, breaking into tears after finishing speaking. He felt absolutely embarrassed right at the moment and along with that his buttock throb and hurt like nothing he had ever felt before.

"Shhh, Shhh, Merry that"s it let it out...." Sam calmly stated as he kicked himself for not noticing the signs before this time. Of course Merry was devastated by Mr. Frodo"s leaving and that might have caused his worries about Pippin leaving on his trip. He had always known that Merry and Pippin where very close he had just not known how close they were.

"But it is not ok. What if something happens to Pippin? I could not live with that... I LOVE HIM!!!" Merry stated shouting the last part.

Sam sat there in shock and stared at the half-naked hobbit in his lap. Was it true? Did Merry really love Pippin that way? And why didn"t he notice it before? Of course now he knew it was because he had been too oblivious to the signs.

Sam was all of sudden brought out his musing when he fell a pair of soft velvet lip cover his own. Shocked Sam just sat there and did nothing being too surprised at what Merry was doing at the moment. He felt Merry"s tongue probing against his lips. He opened his mouth to protest only to have Merry shove his tongue in sliding along the insides seemly trying to take all the flavor that could find from Sam"s mouth. Finally Merry pulled back for lack of air.

"Mmmm raspberry." Commented Merry as he looked at a shocked Sam who looked like a fish out of water at the moment. Snickering Merry gasped when he was pulled and certain autonomy grinded into Sam lap. He felt his skin heat up as he suddenly noticed that he was still very much unclothed and to his surprised hard. He did to do something about this before Sam found out and put one and two together.

"Mmm.... someone still seems to being a very naughty boy. Now let us take care of that little problem shall we." Sam purred not knowing where any of this new bravery was coming from and the moment he didn"t care. He grabbed hold of Merry"s length and squeezed it hard enough to cause pleasure as he started to stroke his length vigorously up and down. He quicken his pace when Merry let out an strangled moan and leaned his forehead on Sam"s shoulder babbling incorrectly the whole time. Then with out warning Merry realest a strangled cry and came all over Sam hand as his body became lax against Sam"s body.

"Mmmm who knew punishment could be so fun." Mumbled a tired Merry as he looked up and smiled at Sam who look outraged at his comment.

"You planned this didn"t you...." Sam accused although he had no energy to stay angry with Merry at the moment.

"No, but it turned out all right. I can"t wait to tell Pippin what I did to day." Merry mumbled sleepily against Sam should dropping a light kiss here and there.

"And just what pray tell well you tell Pippin...Mmmm" Sam stated as he relaxed under Merry"s treatment.

"That you and I had afternoon tea on a wonderful Sunny day." Merry replied cheekily to Sam who laughed at the comment and shook his head.

"You do that Merry... but I do believe that you and I will have to get together for the next couple of week to make sure that you are behaving." Sam replied.

"Oh really that does sound lovely..." Merry replied as he leaned over and gave Sam a quick kiss on the lips.

"Not a word to this to Pippin. Sam this time will be our special little time." Merry purred as he jumped off of Sam"s lap grimily pulling up his pants only letting out a slight hiss as he once again felt that after sting of Sam"s punishment. He was about to comment when for the second time he heard a knock at his door. He saw the warning look in Sam"s eyes as they slowly made there way to the door and he slowly opened it to reveal Pippin in all his glory. Squealing, Merry launched himself into Pippin"s arms, squeezing him as hard as he possibly could.

"Pippin you"re back, I see. Well. then I believe I that I should head home. Oh, and Merry, do not forget that I shall be back to check up on you next week at the same time." Sam smiled as he saw the joy in Merry"s eyes at Pippin"s return.

"Thanks Sam I shall see you next week," Merry replied as he watched Sam leave from Pippin"s embrace. It was probably best that Pippin didn"t know about what Sam and he did and probably would do again. All he needed to know is that they were spending a nice sunny afternoon having tea.