Sultry in September 2016 Sign-Up Form

Please fill out all sections of this form as thoroughly as possible so that we can more accurately match your request with an author and ensure that you receive an assignment that is suitable. Be specific! More detail is better than less. Remember that extreme subject matter (incest, mpreg, kink, etc.) is very difficult to accommodate... We will do our best to comply, but please consider keeping your request somewhat tamer, or providing an alternative request and/or making the extreme elements optional.

Read the rules and be sure that you understand and agree with them before sending in your form.

A final note: By submitting a form, you are committing to complete a story by the due date of September 4th (or September 11th, if you're a returning participant). If you have concerns that you may not be able to complete your story in time, please think carefully before signing up.

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